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Learn About MIDI
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MIDI is everywhere around you...

... it's in musical instruments, computers, cell phones, and many other products from well known companies like Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Sony, Yamaha, & hundreds more consumer products companies.

Film Composer
Harry Gregson-Williams' Production Suite

Most popular recorded music is written and performed using MIDI-equipped electronic keyboards (aka "synthesizers"). Much music is also written on computers using "Sequencers" and/or "Digital Audio workstations". Other MIDI-equipped musical instruments may also be used, including digital drums, guitars, wind instruments, and more. (Products

Your computer probably has the ability to play MIDI files using either built-in hardware or a software synthesizer that responds to MIDI messages, and with an appropriate adapter your computer can be connected to other MIDI-equipped products so you can use MIDI to help you learn, play, create and enjoy music. (Making Music with MIDI)

Even film and TV scores are usually created on MIDI instruments, and with advances in digital sampling and synthesis technologies making digital instruments sound ever more realistic, the orchestra playing behind that big-screen block buster is more likely to be the product of a few MIDI devices than dozens of acoustic instruments. 

The Flaming Calliope - 
MIDI triggered

Besides music creation and playback described above, MIDI has some other interesting and popular uses. MIDI Show Control is a different set of MIDI messages used for controlling rides at theme parks as well as for operating themed events such as are found outside many Las Vegas casinos. And many people have developed unique products that use MIDI. (Fun with MIDI)   

And if you own a cell phone that has "polyphonic ring-tones" (billions do) it's probably got a MIDI synthesizer built-in (or something very much like MIDI, depending on the manufacturer). Ring-tones are a very popular add-on business for cellular providers, and many people use MIDI to make their own ring-tones and put them on their phones.

If you'd like to learn more about the technology of MIDI, we offer a number of online tutorials that should be helpful, as well as the specification documents themselves. You can also visit our Resources page for additional articles, as well as links to locations that offer books and DVDs.


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