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External Standards that Incorporate MIDI

Specification Name

Specification Number Form of Reference MMA References
1394TA AM824 Protocol
(FireWire "Adaptation Layer" 
for MIDI)
1999014 "Normative" RP-27
and Complete MIDI
3GPP/ETSI UMTS Streaming Protocol and Codecs
(SP-MIDI, DLS, and XMF content 
support for mobile phones)
RTS/TSGS-0426234v620 "Constitute Provisions" RP-01, 34, 35, 41, 42
and Complete MIDI
CMIA General Technical Requirement of MIDI Keyboards (China) QB/T 4015-2010 "Normative" Complete MIDI
IEC AM824 Protocol 
(FireWire "Adaptation Layer" 
for MIDI)
61883.6  *see Note 1 below RP-27
and Complete MIDI
IEC Interface for Loudspeakers 
(MIDI over AES3/SPDIF with 
MSC-based control protocol)
62537 "Normative" Complete MIDI
IEEE AVB Transport Protocol
(Payload Type for MMA
Data Formats e.g. MIDI, etc.)
1722 "Normative" MMA Payload Format
Specification for AVBTP
IETF RTP Payload Format for MIDI 
(MIDI over Ethernet/Internet 
using RTP)
RFC-6295 "Normative" Complete MIDI
"Informative" SP-MIDI (RP-34 & 35)
ISO/IEC JTC1 VRML 97 Specification
(Virtual Reality Modeling Language)
14772-1:1997 "Normative" Complete MIDI
ISO/IEC JTC1 MPEG4 Structured Audio
(MIDI and/or DLS 
as an MPEG stream)
14496.3 sub part 4 "Normative" DLS1, DLS2
and Complete MIDI
Khronos OpenSL ES Specification 1.1
Application-level Audio API for Embedded and Mobile Multimedia Devices
n/a "References" Complete MIDI, RP-25amd1, RP-34, RP-41 & 42, I3DL1 & I3DL2
USB-IF Class Definition for MIDI Devices
(MIDI over USB)
n/a "Related Documents" General MIDI 1
and Complete MIDI

Note 1: IEC-61883.6 (2005 edition) does not list MMA documents in the "Normative Reference" section, but in the Glossary (Complete MIDI) and in Section 12.1.4 describing the Adaptation Layer for MIDI (RP-027).

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