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History Of MIDI  How did MIDI come about, and why?

Introduction to MIDI  What MIDI does, how to use it, how devices are connected, and more. (.pdf)

Technology Of MIDI  A 4-part explanation of the technical aspects of MIDI, beginning with an Overview, including MIDI Cables & Alternate Transports, the MIDI Protocol, and Standard MIDI Files.

Benefits of MIDI  An explanation of the kinds of things you can do using MIDI, from learning about music to composing music and more.

MIDI for Guitarists "What is MIDI and How Can I Use It" (Seymour Duncan website).

MIDI and Music Synthesis  An explanation of music synthesis technology and how MIDI is used to generate and control sounds.

Downloadable Sounds Level 1 Overview  An explanation of the Downloadable Sounds technology.

The Taxonomy of Arpeggiator/LFO Sync An explanation of issues to consider for syncing hardware devices (LauterZEIT website).

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