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About Us

The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) is the non-profit trade association responsible for development, promotion, and protection of MIDI technology*. Compliance with our Specifications and Recommended Practices enables thousands of products from hundreds of companies to interoperate. We provide forums for developers to coordinate changes to the MIDI specification, which today remains one of the most relevant standards in the entertainment industry.


  • To encourage the use of MIDI technology and MIDI products in established and growth markets.
  • To be proactive towards developing and enhancing MIDI to respond to market needs.
  • To insure interoperability of MIDI products through an open standards process with broad industry participation.
  • To protect the meaning of the term MIDI as used in commerce


  • Produce consensus-driven interoperability specifications
  • Provide educational and instructional materials on an official MIDI web site
  • Encourage innovative companies in related industries to use MIDI Technology
  • Cooperate with world-wide standards-setting and industry organizations
  • Inform members of relevant technology trends

MMA members include companies in these market areas:

  • Electronic Musical Instruments
  • Personal Computers & Software
  • Signal Processors & Audio ICs
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Multimedia Computing
  • Sound Recording
  • Theater and Stage
  • Mobile Communications
  • Music Content

MMA Executive Board Members

Athan Billias (Yamaha Corp of America)
Bryan Lanser (Muse Research)
Denis Labrecque (DenLabs)
Michael Hoover (Cakewalk/Gibson)
Tom White (MMA)

MMA Technical Board Members

Chris Grigg (CG Designs)
Rick Cohen (Sonivox/InMusic)
Bob Lee (MIDI9)
Charlie Bright (Korg R&D USA)
Amos Gaynes (Moog Music)

Strategic Advisors provide MMA Management with insight into market needs and assist us in promoting MIDI products and/or training MIDI users:

  • Gene Joly (Retired; former Guitar Center executive)
  • Gerson Rosenbloom (VP Strategic Management, Sweetwater)
  • Roy Elkins (CEO, Broadjam)
  • Jon Haber (Principal, Alto Music)
  • Robin Kelley (Dir. of Channel Management, Roland US)
  • Craig Anderton (Author; Gibson/Harmony Central)
  • Paul Lehrman (Dir. of Music Engineering, Tufts)
  • Lawrence T Levine (Founder/CEO, Horn; Founder/CEO, Comet Capital)

*(in cooperation with AMEI for the Japanese market.)

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