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Complete MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification eXtensible Music Format ("XMF")
Document containing the basic MIDI Protocol
  (1983-1996), including Time Code (MTC),
  Show Control (MSC), Machine Control (MMC),
  and more.
Note: Updated Electrical Specification [2014]

MIDI Implementation Chart (Version 2) (pdf)
Table of MIDI Messages
Table of Manufacturer IDs (SysEx, DLS and XMF)
High Resolution Velocity Prefix (pdf)
Three Dimensional Sound Controllers (pdf)
MIDI Visual Control (MVC) Specification (pdf)
Information about the XMF Meta File Format 
  Specification and XMF File Type definitions plus
  these extensions:
  - zLib Compression Unpacker for XMF
  - ID3 Meta-data for XMF Files

XMF Products and Tools
Table of XMF IDs
(See also: Mobile MIDI & Ringtones, below)
General MIDI ("GM") Device Specifications Standard MIDI Files ("SMF")
Information about the General MIDI 1, General
  MIDI Lite
, and General MIDI 2 Specifications, plus
  GM Developer Guidelines, and updates.

General MIDI Logos Information 
General MIDI Level 1 Sound Set
Information about the Standard MIDI File (SMF)
  Specification, and these updates:
  - SMF Lyrics/Display Meta-events
  - SMF Program Name /Device Name Meta-events
  - XMF Patch Prefix SMF Meta-event

US Copyright Info for MIDI Files  
Downloadable Sounds ("DLS") Device Specifications Mobile MIDI & Ringtone Specifications
Information about the DLS Specifications.

DLS Level 1 Specification (pdf)
DLS Device Certification & Testing
DLS Products & Tools
Table of DLS Proprietary Chunk IDs
Table of Mobile DLS Audio Codecs
(See also: Mobile DLS/XMF, right)
Information about the Scalable Polyphony MIDI
("SP-MIDI") Specification, including:
  - MIP Message Definition (pdf)
  - 5-24 Note Device Profile for 3GPP

Information about the Mobile DLS/XMF Specification and
  - Audio Clips for Mobile XMF (pdf)

Updated! Mobile Musical Instrument ("MMI") Spec. (pdf)
Specification for Mobile Phone Control (pdf)
Transport Specifications and Info IETF MIME Registrations
MIDI Specification for IEEE-1394 ("FireWire") (pdf)
MIDI-DIN Electrical Specification
About Alternate MIDI Transports
XML-MIDI External Standards that Incorporate MIDI
MIDI Names, Device Types, and Events in XML
Table of Organizations and Standards

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