Jordan Rudess Plays at the A3E/NAMM/MIDI Association Event

Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater performs on the Geoshred iOS app he developed with moForte at the NAMM Event where we announced the MIDI Innovation Awards winners.

What is the MIDI Association?

The MIDI Association is the global non-profit organization that connects the companies who develop MIDI products and new MIDI specifications with all the people around the world that create music and art with MIDI. 

Our Mission for Individual Members

  • Nurture an inclusive community of people who create music and art with MIDI
  • Connect the people who use MIDI with the companies that create MIDI products
  • Explain new technical developments in MIDI and explore how to use them
  • Promote new ways of creatively using MIDI
  • Create an environment for community members to learn from each other
MIDI Innovation Awards

MIDI Innovation Awards Show

On Saturday, May 28, Host LJ Rich was joined by an international panel of judges and the finalists from the 2022 MIDI Innovations Awards to explore the latest in MIDI Innovation at the MIDI Innovation 2022 Awards Show.

Our Mission for Corporate Members

  • Develop and enhance MIDI to respond to new market needs
  • Create new MIDI 2.0 standards with broad industry participation
  • Ensure the interoperability of MIDI products
  • Protect the term MIDI and the MIDI logo marks
  • Promote the use of MIDI technology and products

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