About SysEx IDs

Manufacturer System Exclusive IDs

The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) issues Manufacturer System Exclusive IDs to MIDI hardware and software producers world-wide (except Japan). These MIDI ID numbers allow developers to uniquely identify their products and provide a means for communicating product-specific information via MIDI protocol (using SysEx messages). The MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification describes the format of SysEx messages, as well as all other MIDI messages that a developer may need to know to maintain industry compatibility.

The MMA procedures for the assignment of System Exclusive ID numbers are designed to prevent conflicts and incompatibilities. Each developer is assigned a unique number, which is annually renewable. These numbers are not transferable nor assignable without MMA approval.

The MMA publishes a list of every assigned System Exclusive ID number. Companies that are known to be producing products using their ID may be listed on www.midi.org along with a link to their company web site. Companies that are not current with their ID Fee may have the ID suspended or revoked and will be noted as such on the website.

MMA MEMBER ID Assignment

MMA Members will have their Annual SysEx ID Fee waived for as long as they are members. Technical assistance is available to MMA Members via an assigned Tech Board representative.

NON-MEMBER ID Assignment

Companies that do not want to become MMA Members may obtain a SysEx ID by completing a New SysEX ID Form.The applicant must pay the Annual ID Fee and agree to continue to pay the then-current fee in each calendar year during which they produce any products that use the ID.

Non-Member SysEx ID Application Form 
List of Assigned Manufacturer SysEx IDs