About the MMA

About the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA)

The MIDI Association website is administrated by the MMA, the non-profit trade association of companies who develop products that use MIDI technology.

The MMA is responsible for the development, promotion, and protection of MIDI technology. The efforts of the MMA to promote and expand MIDI’s reach are one reason that MIDI remains one of the most relevant standards in the entertainment industry. MMA members include platform/OS developers (such as Apple, Google and Microsoft) and musical instrument makers (such as Nektar, Roland, Roli and Yamaha) and music software publishers (such as Ableton, Steinberg, Mark of the Unicorn, and Make Music). Membership in the MMA is open to anyone that commercially designs, develops, or produces products that use MIDI technology.

The MMA Mission

  • To encourage the use of MIDI technology and MIDI products in established and growth markets.
  • To be proactive in developing and enhancing MIDI to respond to market needs.
  • To insure interoperability of MIDI products through an open standards process with broad industry participation.
  • To protect the meaning of the term MIDI as used in commerce

Specification Development

The MMA is the official source of MIDI technology specifications. Compliance with MMA Specifications and Recommended Practices enables thousands of products from hundreds of companies to interoperate. Companies wishing to take part in the development of new MIDI Specifications must be Regular Members of the MMA and abide by MMA confidentiality and IP policies. All Regular Members receive early access to new Specifications, can contribute to them, and can vote in MMA elections.

Note: As a general policy MMA does not disclose what is being addressed or discussed by our members until consensus has been reached. This policy is necessary because premature disclosure can create market confusion and reduce interoperability. However, some disclosure is necessary for manufacturers/developers to evaluate participating in MMA, so the following is an overview of the topics currently being discussed:

Current Projects (2020):

  • Multiple Profile Specifications
  • Multiple Property Exchange Specifications
  • USB-MIDI 2.0 Updates
  • MIDI 2.0 for AVBTP/Time Sensitive Networks
  • MIDI 2.0 over other transports
  • Standard MIDI File 2.0 Specification 


Athan Billias (Yamaha Corp of America)
Phil Burk (Google)
Lawrence Levine (Horn)
Kate Stone (Novalia)
Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut (Audio Hackspace)
Torrey Walker (Apple)
Craig Anderton (MMA President)

MMA Officers
Kevin LaManna- VP of Information Technology (Monday Loves You)


Florian Bomers (Bome Software)
Rick Cohen (Kurzweil)- TSB chair
Amos Gaynes (Moog Music)
Chris Grigg (Chris Grigg Designs)
Mike Kent (MK2 Image)
Dave Starkey (MIDI9)
Joe Zhang (Medeli)

ID Assignment

The MMA assigns unique ID numbers so hardware and software developers can support proprietary features using MIDI technology.

  • The Manufacturer's MIDI System Exclusive ID number provides each hardware or software developer with a way to communicate product-specific data via MIDI protocol (SysEx). Companies pay a small annual fee as long as they produce products that use the MIDI ID (the fee is included in the annual membership dues for Regular MMA Members).

  • The DLS Proprietary Chunk ID and XMF Resource ID each provide developers a way to embed custom product information into a DLS or XMF file.

Marketing and Promotions

The MMA provides numerous promotional opportunities for our members and partners via this website and via events and other activities.

MIDI/Audio Jobs Board

Anyone looking for work in this industry, or interested in hiring people skilled in MIDI or other audio related disciplines may visit our jobs board at http://careers.midi.org. (MMA Members receive a discount on job postings).

Developer Support

  • Commercial developers of MIDI hardware and/or software may join the MIDI Manufacturers Association and subscribe to mailing lists to discuss issues with other developers.
  • The Forum on this website may be used by anyone with questions about implementing MIDI technology and using MIDI products.
  • The MMA Specifications for using MIDI in an interoperable manner are available to registered users of the website.
  • There are links to Developer Resources at the bottom of this page. Also see the Articles section of this website for more information about platforms that support MIDI.

Networking Opportunities

In addition to this website, meetings and social events are held in conjunction with various industry-related trade shows (e.g. NAMM, AES, GDC, etc.) to provide opportunities for MIDI developers to connect with peers. (MMA Members also have access to representatives at other member companies, for the purpose of compatibility testing, trade show loaners, etc.)

Liaison Activities

The MMA maintains strategic relationships with other organizations like IEC, CTA, and AES to assist and promote the use of MIDI technology in new areas.

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