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Audiopedia 109 MIDI from Ask Audio

AudioPedia 109: MIDI

Ask Audio's AudioPedia series is a comprehensive video dictionary of audio terminology. Created by audio expert Joe Albano, this encyclopedia of technical terms is the ultimate audio reference tool. Here are the topics covered and defined in the ninth installment of this authoritative series:


MIDI - Operation | Applications:

Almost everyone who works with music encounters MIDI at some point, and many people use it every day. But aside from plugging in your USB keyboard, how much do you really know about what MIDI is and how it works? In the course AudioPedia 109: MIDI, Joe Albano gets to the heart of the MIDI protocol and explains it in a way that's friendly and enlightening.

by Ask Audio

MIDI Channel messages


There are 7 MIDI channel voice messages.



Velocity is the force with which a note is played, and essential to making MIDI expressive. 

AudioPedia Course: MIDI by Joe Albano : AskVideo

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