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  • MIDI News, Resources and Press

    MIDI News, Resources and Press

    Want to learn how to connect, control and create with MIDI?
    Find out more about the past, present and future of MIDI?
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The community of people who work, play and create with MIDI
The MIDI Association’s mission is to nurture an inclusive global community of people who create music and art with MIDI. The www.MIDI.org website is the central repository of information about anything related to MIDI technology, from classic legacy gear to next- gen protocols on the horizon.

The History Of MIDI

The History Of MIDI
We put together a series of articles about the history of electronic music and MIDI. Here are links to the series. MIDI History:Chapter 1- 850 AD to 1850 AD - To really understand the origins of MIDI, you need to go all the way back to before there were digitally controlled synthesizers and computers, In fact you need to go back before there w...
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MIDI Tutorials

MIDI Tutorials
​Here is a collection of tutorials on MIDI which is a great place to get started.  For quick access to a list of all MIDI Messages, see our Reference Tables section. An Intro to MIDI - What MIDI does, how to use it, how devices are connected, and more (pdf).             &nbs...
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​Tutorial: Benefits of MIDI

 Unlike MP3 files and CDs, MIDI files contain individual instructions for playing each individual note of each individual instrument. So with MIDI it is actually possible to change just one note in a song, or to re-orchestrate an entire song with entirely different instruments. And since each instrument in a MIDI performance is separate from t...
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MIDI at Winter NAMM 2016

MMA Booth #1086 Hall E Winter NAMM 2016 is going to be a busy one for The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA), the non-profit trade organization that develops and protects the MIDI specification and the brand new MIDI Association, the global community of people who work, play and create with MIDI.  The&...
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Audio Wiki MIDI Message diagram

Our friends over at http://en.wikiaudio.org created this simplfied diagram of MIDI messages and kindly let us put it up here. 
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