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    MIDI News, Resources and Press

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The community of people who work, play and create with MIDI
The MIDI Association’s mission is to nurture an inclusive global community of people who create music and art with MIDI. The www.MIDI.org website is the central repository of information about anything related to MIDI technology, from classic legacy gear to next- gen protocols on the horizon.

Serial, Parallel, and Joystick Ports

Serial, Parallel, and Joystick Ports Before USB and FireWire, personal computers were all generally equipped with serial, parallel, and (possibly) joystick ports, all of which have been used for connecting MIDI-equipped instruments (through special adapters). Though not always faster than MIDI-DIN, these connectors were already available on compute...
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About MIDI-Part 3:MIDI Messages

Part 3: MIDI Messages The MIDI Message specification (or "MIDI Protocol") is probably the most important part of MIDI. MIDI is a music description language in digital (binary) form. It was designed for use with keyboard-based musical instruments, so the message structure is oriented to performance events, such as picking a note and then striking it...
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About MIDI-Part 2:MIDI Cables & Connectors

Part 2: MIDI Cables & Connectors Many different "transports" can be used for MIDI messages. The speed of the transport determines how much MIDI data can be carried, and how quickly it will be received. 5-Pin MIDI DIN Using a 5-pin "DIN" connector, the MIDI DIN transport was developed back in 1983, so it is slow compared to common high-spee...
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White Paper: Comparison of MIDI and OSC

​ Abstract: This paper corrects public misinformation about MIDI and how it compares to OSC. Background: Products such as Jazz Mutant's "Lemur" and "Dexter", and Euphonix's "MC Control" and "MC Mix" have brought recent attention to technology from CNMAT called "Open Sound Control" ("OSC"). Articles about these products appearing in publications suc...
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About MIDI-Part 1:Overview

MIDI (pronounced "mid-e") is a technology that makes creating, playing, or just learning about music easier and more rewarding. Playing a musical instrument can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and friendship. Whether your goal is to play in a band, or you just want to perform privately in your home, or you want to develop your skills as a music com...
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