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    MIDI News, Resources and Press

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Software is one of the fastest growing areas of MIDI. 

What DAW software (Cubase, Logic, Performer, Pro Tools, Sonar, etc.) do you use?

How about mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, or Android ?  What about web sites that let you do notation, music production and synthesis in the cloud using Web MIDI. 

There are tons of MIDI utilities for helping you do all sorts of different things with MIDI. 

Here is where you find articles on anything that is MIDI software. 

BLE-MIDI, Sonar and Zivix Jam Stick- A New Way to Enter MIDI into your DAW

BLE-MIDI, Sonar and Zivix Jam Stick- A New Way to Enter MIDI into your DAW
This is an article that was originally posted on the Cakewalk blog  and they kindly gave us permission to excerpt it here on MIDI.org.  Greetings! My name is Mike Green, Music Product Specialist at Zivix, we make the jamstik+ portable SmartGuitar & PUC+ wireless MIDI link. I'm primarily a guitar player, and in my 15+ years of musical ...
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Now THAT’s a Horn Solo

Music is a visual language, too. Composer Andrew Huang used the piano roll editor in his MIDI sequencer to create sound from a picture of a unicorn. Each dot and line outlining the mythical creature triggers a MIDi note. To make the notes harmonize, Huang had to think both visually and musically. Se...
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5 MIDI Quantization Tips

5 MIDI Quantization Tips
Make quantization work for you, not against you  Quantization is the process of moving MIDI data (usually notes, but also potentially other data) that's out of time to a rhythmic "grid." For example, if a kick drum is slightly behind the beat, quantization can move it right on the beat. Quantization was controversial enough when it was limited...
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How to Find MIDI Sequencer "Gotchas"

How to Find MIDI Sequencer "Gotchas"
Fix those little "gotchas" before they make it into the final mix by Craig Anderton MIDI sequencing is wonderful, but it's not perfect—and sometimes, you'll be sandbagged by problems like false triggers (e.g., what happens when you brush against a key accidentally), having two different notes land on the same beat when quantized, voice-stealing tha...
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The Open Door: Macintosh, Midi, and Music (1988)

Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Tony Williams, Carlos Santana, Chester Thompson, Bryan Bell, Laurie Anderson, David Mash, David Rosenthal, Tom coster and more  talk about Macintosh, MIDI and music  in 1988. 
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