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What do you control with MIDI?

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Maybe your area of interest is MIDI lighting, show control or robotics. 

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The MIDI Association and Bluetooth MIDI at 2016 SXSW

The MIDI Association and Bluetooth MIDI at 2016 SXSW
For the past few days we have been at the SXSW Music Expo.  It turns out that Austin now only has a vibrant synth scene, but there are a lot of Austin based startups doing some pretty cool things with MIDI. Also at the show we got to meet with some companies from around the globe and from all over the US doing cool things with Bluetooth M...
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Alternative Controllers: Part 5 Hand-Held and Struck Controllers, and Controllers for Microtonal Tunings

Hand-Held Controllers Electronic MIDI controllers that you hold in your hands and shake or move about to make music date back to 1986. That was the year Palmtree Instruments introduced Airdrums, a tabletop MIDI controller wired to two tubes that contain sensors for detecting motion in any of six directions. The control box transmits six triggers pe...
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GRIDI is a large scale physical Midi sequencer

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Alternative Controllers: Part 1 from The Synthesizer by Mark Vail

Alternative Controllers A keyboard isn't the only means of playing a synthesizer. Synthesist/multi-instrumentalist/composer Kevin Fortune ( http://www.kevinbrahenyfortune.com ) is one of many who enjoy using alternative controllers. He believes the kind of controller you use not only directly influences the type of music you create, but it also can...
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Alternative Controllers: Part 4 from The Synthesizer by Mark Vail

Touch Controllers (continued) Another beautiful and powerful touch controller, this one featuring 150 rectangular walnut keys arranged in a five-row by 30-column matrix laid within a 29" by 8" by 1-1/4" block of Washington alder and weighing 4.6 pounds, is the Madrona Labs Soundplane Model A ( http://madronalabs.com ). Each key senses velocity, pos...
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