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Don Lewis: A Remembrance


Some of you may be aware that Don Lewis passed away the week of Nov 7, 2022.  Don was a synthesis pioneer who created a hardware platform for controlling banks of Synthesizers (Oberheim, Arp 2600s) prior to MIDI, which he called LEO (Live Electronic Orchestra). Mr. Kakehashi of Roland worked with Don starting in 1969 and cr...

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The MIDI Association at ADC 2022


The MIDI Association will be presenting two very important sessions at the Audio Developers Conference in 2022  There are two very important MIDI Association sessions for developers at ADC 2022 described below. Those sessions are important because since adopting the core MIDI 2.0 specifications in January of ...

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Naada Collection I for GeoShred

Naada-Collection-I-Lon_20221111-193000_1 Naada Collection I for GeoShred

MIDI Association members Wizdom Music and moForte are proud to announce the release of the new Naada Instruments for GeoShred. As with all GeoShred instruments, these are models of the physics of the instrument. They are expressive and interactive.  These instruments can be played from the expressive GeoShred Keyboard, an MPE controller, ...

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Details about MIDI 2.0™, MIDI-CI, Profiles and Property Exchange (Updated November 2022)

The core MIDI 2. Specifications are available for download by MIDI Association Individual MembersCorporate Members have access to all specifications including those under development You must be logged in as a TMA member to download the spec. If you are not a member yet (or not logged in) , clicking on the link will take you to the s...

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The MIDI Association Announces MIDI 2.0 Development Tools


MIDI Association announces global initiative by over 50 MIDI Association companies to prototype MIDI 2.0.  The MIDI Association has released details of the ongoing, industry-wide initiative by over 50 MIDI Association companies to develop MIDI 2.0 products and services. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, MIDI Associati...

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CME introduces hybrid MIDI Thru box with built-in Bluetooth MIDI

slides-square-1 CME WIDI Thru6 BT - 2-in-6-out MIDI Thru/Split with Bluetooth MIDI

CME Pro, the small-scale innovator and contributing board member of the MIDI Association, is pleased to announce the world's first hybrid MIDI-thru-box with premium Bluetooth MIDI. Following the successful launch of its WIDI technology, CME is taking the next step with the introduction of WIDI Thru6 BT as the latest addition to the WIDI family. WID...

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AMEI to Fund Open Source MIDI 2.0 Driver for Windows


November 1, 2022 - The Association of Musical Electronics Industries (AMEI), the organization that oversees the MIDI specification in Japan, has committed to funding the development of an open-source USB MIDI 2.0 Host Driver for Windows Operating Systems under a memorandum of understanding between AMEI, AmeNote Inc, and Microsoft. AMEI is underwrit...

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Hans Zimmer says "“MIDI saved my life”

Hans-Zimmer-Image-credit--Lee-Kirby Hans-Zimmer-Image-credit--Lee-Kirby

Hans Zimmer is one of the most famous and prolific film composer in the world.  He has composed music for over 150 films including blockbusters like The Lion King, Gladiator, The Last Samurai, the Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar and Dunkirk.  In a recent interview with ...

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3 Best AI Music Generators for MIDI Creation


A new generation of AI MIDI software has emerged over the past 5 years. Google, OpenAI, and Spotify have each published a free MIDI application powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The MIDI Association reported on innovations in this space previously. Google's AI Duet, their Music Transformer, and Massive Technolo...

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Introducing Bace: a Voice-to-MIDI Plug-in & Standalone App

Bace Plug-in & Standalone App Bace transforms your voice into a Drum Machine

Almost two years ago, we set out to build a tool that could capture an idea and turn it into workable music. After a long period of developing machine learning models and getting the UI just right, I'm incredibly proud to say that we are ready to put our creation out into the world. That idea I had while on tour with my band, sitting in the back of...

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