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    MIDI News, Resources and Press

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The latest MIDI news and product releases plus archives of  The MIDI Association's monthly newsletter- The MIDI Message.

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The MIDI Message, Press Releases

Winter NAMM 2016 MIDI Minutes

If you had a minute to tell us what MIDI means to you, what would you say? At the Winter NAMM show 2016, we wanted to capture what people felt about MIDI.  Thanks to Lawrence and Mick Levine we were able to capture people's instant reaction to the question- What does MIDI mean to you?  It is amazing how articulate and passionate...
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#DigMyRig" 3rd Prize Package

3rd Prize Package worth over $1000
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"#DigMyRig" 2nd Prize Package

2nd Prize Package worth over $2000
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"#DigMyRig" 1st Prize Package

"#DigMyRig" 1st Prize Package
1st Prize Package worth over $3000
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GRIDI is a large scale physical Midi sequencer

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