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  • MIDI News, Resources and Press

    MIDI News, Resources and Press

    Want to learn how to connect, control and create with MIDI?
    Find out more about the past, present and future of MIDI?
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This section of resources covers stories about MIDI people and the stories behind MIDI products.  

Here you'll find  stories about MIDI history all the way from 850 AD to the present, interviews with MIDI artists and the people behind the MID products you use, the inside scoop on what the future holds for MIDI and much more. 

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MIDI Artists, MIDI History

MIDI and Robots

MIDI and Robots
​We have a soft spot for robots....... People who tinker with robots, art installations and circuit bending are right in our wheelhouse .  They seem to share a passion  for pushing the limits of what MIDI can do.  Here's a quick selection of some of our favorite MIDI robots curated from the web.  Eric Singer and the Le...
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Winter NAMM 2016 MIDI Minutes

If you had a minute to tell us what MIDI means to you, what would you say? At the Winter NAMM show 2016, we wanted to capture what people felt about MIDI.  Thanks to Lawrence and Mick Levine we were able to capture people's instant reaction to the question- What does MIDI mean to you?  It is amazing how articulate and passionate...
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GRIDI is a large scale physical Midi sequencer

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The History Of MIDI

The History Of MIDI
We put together a series of articles about the history of electronic music and MIDI. Here are links to the series. MIDI History:Chapter 1- 850 AD to 1850 AD - To really understand the origins of MIDI, you need to go all the way back to before there were digitally controlled synthesizers and computers, In fact you need to go back before there w...
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Imogen Heap Exclusive Interview

Imogen Heap Exclusive Interview
Tell us about yourself briefly- I write, sing, play various instruments, program drums etc, edit, mix and produce my own work in my home studio or wherever a project takes me. I'm now fully independent, with no management, publishing or label! It feels amazing to be completely untethered. Over the last 5 years I've been developing with a team of no...
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