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  • MIDI News, Resources and Press

    MIDI News, Resources and Press

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This section of resources covers stories about MIDI people and the stories behind MIDI products.  

Here you'll find  stories about MIDI history all the way from 850 AD to the present, interviews with MIDI artists and the people behind the MID products you use, the inside scoop on what the future holds for MIDI and much more. 

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MIDI Artists, MIDI History

Flight of the Bumble Bee-MIDI Style

Different Sites and different views of the same song, but they are all driven by MIDI.  Multimedia artist Andy Fillebrown creates visualizations of classical, public domain musical compositions. His YouTube channel, audiosculptures, is filled with 100+ spellbinding journeys through a tunnel of glowing, pulsing notes. by The Kid Shoul...
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Conlon Nancarrow and Black MIDI

Conlon Nancarrow and impossible music In an earlier MIDI history blog, we talked about the strange symbiotic relationship between player pianos and MIDI. But one of the things we didn't talk about was Conlon Nancarrow, the 20th century American composer who lived most of his life in Mexico and wrote most of his pieces for player pianos because...
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Wearable MIDI controllers

​One of the most interesting types of MIDI controllers are ones that you can wear.  From pants to jackets to rings and watches, get your MIDI fashions here in a roundup of wearable technology.  The iRING from IK Multimedia IK Multimedia | iRing - Motion controller for music apps and more iRing is the first motion controller for all y...
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Basics of USB-MIDI

Basics of USB-MIDI
USB and MIDI ​MIDI has stayed relevant for over 30 years by adapting to the different ways that computers send information to and from external devices. MIDI can now be sent over 5 Pin DIN, Serial Ports, USB, Firewire, Ethernet, Bluetooth and more. But currently the most prevalent way to connect to computers, tablets and smartphones is US...
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MIDI 30th Anniversary Articles from around the world

MIDI 30th Anniversary Articles from around the world
 How MIDI changed music Note on, note off: How MIDI changed music - ABC Melbourne - Australian Broadcasting Corporation In the early 1980s five synthesizer manufacturers agree on a common standard for sharing musical information digitally. That standard, known as Musical Instrument Digital Interface, changes music forever. http://www.abc.net.a...
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