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    MIDI News, Resources and Press

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Special NAMM Show Attendance Offer for MIDI Association Members

Attend the NAMM Show at a special discounted price for MIDI Association Members! ​ The NAMM Show is open to professionals that manufacture, distribute, or utilize music, sound and event technology products and services.   Normally you have to be a NAMM Member (or a guest of one) to attend the NAMM Show, but we've made arrangements for up ...
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MIDI Capability Inquiry Presentation at ADC

New MIDI Possibilities Outlined at ADC 2017 At the Audio Developers Conference in London, Ben Supper from Roli outlined a new MIDI proposal called MIDI Capability Inquiry ( MIDI-CI) which outlines a path to future expansions of MIDI.   Almost exactly a year ago AMEI (the Association of Music Electronic Industries and the Japanese MIDI sta...
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MIDI and Robots Part 2- Super Booth 2017

MIDI and Robots Part 2- Super Booth 2017
There has recently been a surge in robotic MIDI devices as Arduinos and low cost CPUs make it easier and easier to develop MIDI-controlled robotic components.  At Super Booth 2017, there were a number of significant MIDI robot introductions.  Felix Thorn From a very early age Felix was inspired by both visual and sound arts. He studi...
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Now THAT’s a Horn Solo

Music is a visual language, too. Composer Andrew Huang used the piano roll editor in his MIDI sequencer to create sound from a picture of a unicorn. Each dot and line outlining the mythical creature triggers a MIDi note. To make the notes harmonize, Huang had to think both visually and musically. Se...
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MIDI and Music AI

MIDI and Music AI
Google's Duet AI (with Web MIDI)   Google Creative Lab  recently released A.I. Duet , an interactive AI Music experiment that lets you use your laptop keyboard or a MIDI keyboard (using Chrome's Web MIDI feature) to make music and experiment with artificial intelligence .  Duet was built by Yotam Mann and&nbs...
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