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Moldover-The Godfather of Controllerism

Moldover-The Godfather of Controllerism


In 2005, Matt Moldover and Dj Shakey (Julie Covello) coined the term "Controllerism"  to describe  Moldover's performance style.  Ean Golden from Remix Magazine (now running djtechtools) wrote an article "Music Maneuvers: Discover the Digital Turntablism Concept, Controllerism, Compliments of Moldover"  in the October 2007 issue of Remix Magazine. This helped Moldover found a whole musical movement and create Controllerism.com.  Of course, Moldover uses MIDI as the control language so without MIDI controllers, there is no controllerism. 

Controllerism definition from 2007 Remix Magazine Article

Moldover is one of those rare artists who not only creates music, but also creates the instruments to make that music. He has built his own MIDI controllers and interactive installations called Jam Boxes.

Moldover's Controllers

Moldover has designed a lot of different MIDI controllers, but there are some that are core parts of his musical life,  The MOJO pictured below is featured prominently in Moldover live performances. 

Photo by Laura Lea Nalle

A guitar player and songwriter since childhood, Moldover's early influences included Tool, Nirvana, and Pink Floyd - influences that would ultimately touch his work as a DJ. To pursue music professionally, Moldover decided to hone his chops at Boston's Berklee College of Music.

by Moldover Website

Moldover combined his love for guitar and unique MIDI Controllers in designing the Robocaster. 

JamBoxes and Moldover's Octamasher

Moldover has always pushed the limit on musical interactivity. 

We like jamboxes and we think that
Music is a universal language
Music is a social experience
Music technology provides exciting new ways to collaborate

by JamBoxes.net

Moldover explains the concept behind JamBoxes in this video.

Moldover's Music

So what do you get when you put this all together into a musical performance?  Here are some examples of Controllerism at its finest from the man who invented the word. 

Always pushing the limits of technology, Moldover provided a 360 degree music video preview of "Not Your MIrror" and a physical version of his new song that was not just a USB drive that looks like a cassette tape, but is also a musical instrument called the Voice Crusher. 

"A musician at heart, inventor born of curiosity, and innovator by necessity, I believe the world calls him the 'Godfather of Controllerism' for damned good reasons." - 

by John Tackett, Crowd Wire

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