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Wiggle Kit: A Motion Controlled Effect Instrument for Singers

Tech company OWOW just launched a new wireless motion controlled instrument for singers. Named the Wiggle Kit, it consists of a mobile App and a small white  remote controller  which turns gestures into vocal effects.  By twisting and moving the Wiggle in different directions, singers can add digital eff...
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MIDI and Robots Part 2- Super Booth 2017

MIDI and Robots Part 2- Super Booth 2017
There has recently been a surge in robotic MIDI devices as Arduinos and low cost CPUs make it easier and easier to develop MIDI-controlled robotic components.  At Super Booth 2017, there were a number of significant MIDI robot introductions.  Felix Thorn From a very early age Felix was inspired by both visual and sound arts. He studi...
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