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The Enhancia Ring MIDI Controller at CES 2018

For the past several years a MIDI product has always been in the Best of CES product list including the Roli Seaboard and the Zivix JamStick.  It seems that MIDI and innovation naturally go together.  2018 was no exception with a number of unique new controllers introduced at the CES show. 

The Enhancia Ring MIDI Controller


The Enhancia Ring is one of the generation of controllers that use advanced sensors with accelerometers to allow more natural control of MIDI via gestures.  Enhancia is part of that trend as new sensors  provide more data to control MIDI  with several different gestures at once.  For example, wiggling from side to side will produce vibrato and moving up and down can mapped to control volume or filter cutoff. 

We wanted to create the shortest path between musical intention and musical creation"

by Damien Le Boulaire, CEO and one of Enhancia's four co-founders from Grenoble, France.from an article in Engadget. 

The Enhancia ring turns your gestures into musical effects

Enhancia Ring is a MIDI controller you wear on your finger - CNET

Enhancia | MIDI Ring Controller

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