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The latest MIDI news, product releases and event annoucements with sub-categories for The MIDI Innovation Awards and our three special interest groups- Interactive Audio focused in the Game Audio Community, MIDI In Music Education and the newest Music Accessibility. 

The MIDI Association Annual Meeting 2023


Every year we meet to review the year and plan for the next For many years, we met at the NAMM show in person, but recently we are really busy at the show so we take care of some organizational details and reports in an online meeting.  On Tuesday, we held that meeting and thought it was important to share some of the topics with everyone in t...

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The MIDI Association Plans for NAMM 2024


The MIDI Association is well under way with our plans for NAMM 2024.  We have a 30 ft x 30 ft booth where one third of the space is dedicated to MIDI Association product displays and a small stage for MIDI Association presentations and two thirds of the space is for seating. We got good response to our survey and here are the results.  Ar...

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New MIDI 2.0 Products Released-November, 2023


In the past few weeks, a number of MIDI Association member companies have released MIDI 2.0 products.   In this article, we'll give a brief overview of those new MIDI 2.0 products, describe what their MIDI 2.0 features are and try to give an accurate picture of the MIDI 2.0 market.  The MIDI Association is current...

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MIDI@40 Concert World Premiere

RF--DL-Performance-Smaller Rik Feds and DeLaurentis at the MIDI@40 Concert

May 6 at 10 am Pacific on Youtube The world broadcast premiere is scheduled for Saturday. May 6 at 10 am Pacific. Click on the Youtube link below to watch the trailer and signup for a notification. The MIDI@40 Concert on the Yamaha Grand Plaza stage on Saturday, April 15 2023 celebrated the incredible possibilities created by MIDI (Musical Ins...

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Music China 2023 Show Report


Music China is back after three years During the pandemic,  Music China and The MIDI Association worked closely together to keep information and news about MIDI and MIDI products available in China.  Music China hosted online events on their WeChat channels and together we figured out a clever way to iFrame our MIDIable meetings so t...

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MIDI Association Lifetime Achievement Awards at April NAMM 2023

LTA-Bette_20230427-222824_1 MIDI Lifetime Achievement Award winners at the MIDI@40 concert

At the April NAMM show, The MIDI Association honored the people who created the modern music production environment of synths, drum machines, and sequencers, including Bob Moog, Don Buchla, Ikutaro Kakehashi, Tsutomu Katoh, Roger Linn, Tom Oberheim, Alan Pearlman, Dave Rossum, and Dave Smith.  A significant portion of The MIDI Association boot...

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MIDI is about collaboration, not competition


All kinds of companies, all kinds of devices One of the things that has always made MIDI unique in the world of standards is that no one owns MIDI and the MIDI Associations (AMEI in Japan and The MIDI Association in the rest of the world) don't sell anything.  We (AMEI and The MIDI Association) get companies to volunteer their s...

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Building a USB MIDI 2.0 Device - Part 2


By Andrew Mee in collaboration with the OS API Working Group. This is the second part of a series demonstrating how a developer may go about building a USB MIDI 2.0 device. You should read Part 1 before this Part 2. Part 1 is here: https://www.midi.org/midi-articles/building-a-usb-midi-2-0-device-part-1 In the last part we created a simple set of U...

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Details about MIDI 2.0, MIDI-CI, Profiles and Property Exchange (Updated June, 2023)

This article is for companies looking to develop MIDI 2.0 products, both software developers and hardware manufacturers. If you are a MIDI user looking for the benefits of MIDI 2.0, go to this article, which is a more general overview of MIDI 2.0 features.  What Musicians & Artists need to know about MIDI 2.0 This article is to explai...

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Explore MIDI Effects in Live – free workshop 27th April


This workshop is part of a series of monthly free live events about MIDI organised by the Music Hackspace  Date & Time: Tuesday 27th April 6pm UK / 7pm Berlin / 1pm NYC / 10am LA Level: Beginner Ableton Live offers a vast playground of musical opportunities to create musical compositions and productions. Live's native MIDI FX pro...

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