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The latest MIDI news, product releases and event annoucements. 

Audiobus 3 adds MIDI Learn feature


Audiobus 3 update adds MIDI learn functionality Last year Audiobus added MIDI pipelines to Audiobus 3 to allow MIDI data to be routed between apps in three different ways as inputs, effects or outputs.  The new MIDI learn function will make it easier to create really complex routings to external MIDI controllers.  Audiobus-...

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MIDI Tool Integrates Real and Virtual Synths


The Live Performance Challenge ​ The challenge for me as a performing musician has always been not being able to readily access desired sounds and sound layers during a live performance in an effective way. The tools given to us on modern stage keyboards are difficult to manage on the live stage, and even if you take the time and make the effort to...

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Frank Zappa and the Synclavier.


​In 1986 Frank Zappa  released his final studio album  in his lifetime; for the remaining seven years of his life, he would only release live concert albums.Jazz from Hell is an instrumental album whose selections were all composed and recorded by Frank Zappa. It was released in 1986 by Barking Pumpkin Records on vinyl and by Rykodis...

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The Taxonomy of Arpeggiator/LFO Sync

The Taxonomy of Arpeggiator/LFO Sync

An explanation of issues to consider for syncing hardware devices (LauterZEIT website). lauterZEIT - Taxonomy of Arpeggiator and LFO Sync http://lauterzeit.com/arp_lfo_seq_sync/

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Does MIDI Have an Image Problem?

Does MIDI Have an Image Problem?

What do you think of when you first hear the word MIDI? In a few weeks, MIDI will have been around for 34 years.  For the first 10 years after MIDI was developed it was on the cutting edge of technology. If you look at a Keyboard Magazine from 1989, you'll see tons of ads for MIDI software and hardware. Remember at that&nbs...

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