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The MIDI Association provides resources for the entire MIDI community, both  the people who create art and music with MIDI and the developers who create MIDI products. There are sub-categories for MIDI 1.0, MIDI 2.0, MIDI History, tips and tricks and a dedicated developer area. 

Microsoft's Presentation at ADC 2023

high-level-view Windows MIDI Services

If you are developer of MIDI products, you will definitely want to check out this in depth look at the significant upgrades happening to MIDI in an upcoming version of Windows from Microsoft MIDI evangelist and chair of The MIDI Association Exec Board Pete Brown.  GitHub - microsoft/MIDI: Windows MIDI Services Windows MIDI Servi...

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MIDI is about collaboration, not competition


All kinds of companies, all kinds of devices One of the things that has always made MIDI unique in the world of standards is that no one owns MIDI and the MIDI Associations (AMEI in Japan and The MIDI Association in the rest of the world) don't sell anything.  We (AMEI and The MIDI Association) get companies to volunteer their s...

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Building a USB MIDI 2.0 Device - Part 2


By Andrew Mee in collaboration with the OS API Working Group. This is the second part of a series demonstrating how a developer may go about building a USB MIDI 2.0 device. You should read Part 1 before this Part 2. Part 1 is here: https://www.midi.org/midi-articles/building-a-usb-midi-2-0-device-part-1 In the last part we created a simple set of U...

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Details about MIDI 2.0, MIDI-CI, Profiles and Property Exchange (Updated June, 2023)

This article is for companies looking to develop MIDI 2.0 products, both software developers and hardware manufacturers. If you are a MIDI user looking for the benefits of MIDI 2.0, go to this article, which is a more general overview of MIDI 2.0 features.  What Musicians & Artists need to know about MIDI 2.0 This article is to explai...

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Building a USB MIDI 2.0 Device - Part 1


By Andrew Mee in collaboration with the OS API Working Group USB MIDI 2.0 was released by the USB-IF in June 2020, with Apple adding support within CoreMIDI in October 2021 and Google added support in Android in August 2022. At the time of writing, Microsoft has announced upcoming support for MIDI 2.0 and now on a public Github, and also patches ha...

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MIDI Enhancements in Windows 10

MIDI Enhancements in Windows 10

Recently Pete Brown from Microsoft posted a very informative blog post about MIDI Enhancements in Windows 10.  The blog post covers a number of topics including  UWP MIDI Basics – using MIDI in Windows Store apps New Bluetooth LE MIDI support in Windows 10 Anniversary Update The Win32 wrapper for UWP MIDI (making the API accessible t...

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HERE ARE LINKS TO SONGWRITING RESOURCES ON THE WEB.   We collected up links to the top songwriting resources from around the web. Links are embedded in the logos, the pictures and the text in blue. Free Book on Songwriting from Berklee OnlineDownload the free Songwriting Handbook from Berklee Online featuring lesson content from Berklee Online...

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Explore MIDI Effects in Live – free workshop 27th April


This workshop is part of a series of monthly free live events about MIDI organised by the Music Hackspace  Date & Time: Tuesday 27th April 6pm UK / 7pm Berlin / 1pm NYC / 10am LA Level: Beginner Ableton Live offers a vast playground of musical opportunities to create musical compositions and productions. Live's native MIDI FX pro...

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Here are links to some of the best MIDI film scoring resources. Any text in blue is a link.  Of course, we have some great resources right on our site from Nonlinear Educating. Peter Schwartz has put together not only the core DeMystifying MIDI course, but advanced video courses in MIDI Orchestration. The MIDI Orchestra Music These courses are...

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Developing MIDI applications on Android


About Android MIDI In 2015 Android introduced MIDI support. Android has billions of users which means there's a whole lot of people with MIDI compatible devices in their pocket! In this article I'll explore the most popular types of MIDI applications on Android and how to choose the right MIDI API when developing your own app. Common types of MIDI ...

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