Artistic/Visual Project or Installation

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Respoken is an interactive light and sound installation that creates an experience from the user´s voice. A stage for self-expression manifesting the spirit in light and sound.


HootBeat: Enhancing music performance with wireless LED wearables that react to MIDI messages.

Leaf Secrets

Leaf Secrets is an immersive experience that connects people and nature, using plant biodata to trigger sound, light, and imagery.

Tapis Magique: A Choreomusical Interactive Carpet

Tapis Magique is a knitted interactive carpet that generates 3D sensor data based on body locations and gestures and drives an immersive sonic environment in real-time.

Midifile markov generator

A website that creates Markov chain remixed MIDI files from MIDI files. It also outputs the MIDI events via webMIDI during the creation.

Synthesizer Live MIDI Art

An original MIDI Art composition performed and recorded live in the piano roll