Artistic/Visual Project or Installation

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Musician Robot and Installation

A musician and aesthétic robot to play with!

Semi Automated Electric Guitar

A semi- automated mechanised guitar designed to be played simultaniously by an improvising musicians and a computer.


Genu is a first-of-a-kind audio-visual performance. The performer creates live music in VR which drives their environment.

Minecraft & MIDI Connections

Live performance projects that involve robust MIDI and data connections between Minecraft and Musical Software/Hardware

Telemidi "SHOALZ"

Two musicians located continents apart, co-create a `comprovised’ Electro Dub piece that also generates an immersive, reactive visual feed that can be viewed through a VR headset or an online stream.

RRR: Repurposing ReadyMades for (Re)Habilitation

Transdisciplinary bi-directional informing (from MoMA-to-Wellbeing-to-(re)habilitation) has resulted in creating bespoke adaptable interactive environments playfully motivating empowered creative expression as a supplement to traditional (re)habilitation.

the "Drankorgel" project

The "drankorgel" project is an artistic installation of a MIDI instrument that generates sounds by hitting bottles with spoons and by blowing air over bottles.

sononyms: Jazz Cerkno & Cerkno Museum archives sound installation

sononyms: an immersive sound installation based on the Jazz Cerkno archives and local objects from Cerkno Museum.

Sound Sculpture

Sound Sculpture is an interactive musical instrument, comprised of 25 location-aware cubes. It is a physical sound and light environment that facilitates cooperative sound composition.


Respoken is an interactive light and sound installation that creates an experience from the user´s voice. A stage for self-expression manifesting the spirit in light and sound.


HootBeat: Enhancing music performance with wireless LED wearables that react to MIDI messages.

Leaf Secrets

Leaf Secrets is an immersive experience that connects people and nature, using plant biodata to trigger sound, light, and imagery.

Midifile markov generator

A website that creates Markov chain remixed MIDI files from MIDI files. It also outputs the MIDI events via webMIDI during the creation.

Synthesizer Live MIDI Art

An original MIDI Art composition performed and recorded live in the piano roll