Hardware Prototypes/Non-Commercial products

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Electronic Valve Instrument

Hand Built Prototype of an Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) MIDI controller programmed with Artificial Intelligence Markov Chain melody generation that is so easy to play that one can just play from the heart without having to learn any scales or chords


An OpenSource platform for the creation and development of new musical instruments

Eucaryote, a quarantine buddy

I present you my quarantine buddy, Eucaryote, a robot that you can control with the MIDI

Midi Ready One

Programmable MIDI 3PDT stomp switch

Drum MIDIa for PlayStation Controller Interface

This system turns the KONAMI🄬 drum mania controller for SONY🄬PlayStation 2© (hereinafter simply called drum mania) into a portable full drum set with absolutely no modifications

omnikitty chromachord candy bar bass

the omnikitty chromachord candy bar bass is a MIDI chord based instrument that aims to make jazz theory interactable, intuitive, and most importantly - fun!


This is a multi-tool for music production, musical performance, and music education.


The MVP is an intuitive and affordable MIDI-controlled hardware solution for time-synced video and lighting, catering to the 90% of performers who can’t afford the equipment and labor traditionally necessary.

Cravat-o-matic Musical Necktie #C1

A stylish necktie with magical musical powers! It's a wearable musical instrument as well as a MIDI control surface and effect modulator!


GigWiz transforms your iPhone into a powerful MIDI workstation, expanding the versatility of your MIDI keyboard. Create layered/split sounds with ease, make quick adjustments, and enhance your mobile setup for live performance


Portable device to micro tune any MIDI compatible device, could but extended for a full control


The Eviola: A bow-operated MIDI controller conceived by Ben Glover. Until now there has never been a MIDI bow for playing a virtual violin.

NOPIA - Semi-modular MIDI harmony generator

Nopia simplifies music theory and unleashes creativity by making tonal harmony accessible, helping you develop musical ideas with ease.


3D Printed Breath-Controlled MIDI Device

Optical Mouse Midi Cello

10 solder joints, two old optical mice, two resistors and Arduino UNO make a Cello type flexible Midi Controller.

Zen Flute

A MIDI controller deriving pitch from mouth-shape, operating a bit like a mouth theremin


MusiMoto is a SW+HW system designed to empower anyone who likes playing MIDI musical instruments to do it while walking, jogging, riding, skating or dancing.


Abacusynth is a kinetic synthesizer inspired by an abacus. Its playful interface allows anyone to explore synthesis and timbre, regardless of their musical experience.


An augmented guitar for percussive fingerstyle, using AI to transform the body into an expressive MIDI controller for rich multi-dimensional control of drum synthesisers.

TRON dirigent


Drum MIDIa for PlayStation Controller Interface

KONAMI© drum mania as PlayStation controller transform to portable drum for street live or home use.


KIBBY-A-FREAK drums is made of recycled parts and bamboo framing, making it an affordable and practical environment friendly DIY project for the African market.


midimeister tries to carry the procedural possibilities from Eurorack modules into realtime midi note and CC effects to enhance the midi data it’s fed.

The hybrid expression pedal

A passive expression pedal that can be used also as a fully programmable MIDI expression pedal, ready for on stage performances.


Vimana Sequencer is a personal interpretation of a Multi-track Midi Step Sequencer with an Open Philosophy regarding the User Interface


BC01 is a compact 3-in-1 MIDI device that serves as a customizable breath controller, input for expression pedal / knobs, and programmable MIDI buttons.

Eukaryote, a quarantine robot buddy

This is Eukaryote, a MIDI-controlled robot musician!

MIDI Dashboard

A 1U rack mount device for viewing MIDI data on full-colour displays

Incredible Instruments 16x16 midi matrix router

An innovative rack mount 16x16 matrix router for the MIDI 2.0 routing needs of the studio and stage.


A huge LED-Beat-Counter for Live Performances


Microcosmos is a small (130X80mm) open-source electronic board aimed at prototyping electronic musical instruments and learning electronics, microcontroller programming, MIDI and audio DSP.

Lead Machine

Based on video game controllers, the Lead Machine can be your gateway to playing your digital instrument intuitively and comfortably with complete expressive control.

MetaGlove for Augmented Arts

The Meta Glove for Augmented Art is a low cost MIDI controller glove that allows musicians and artists to augment their digital expressivity resulting in high impact, high publicity and social media attention for them and their sponsors.

Positronic Recursion Studio

A fractal synthesizer from the future. Recurse your MIDI signals, your CV’s or your grandma's quantum brownies. Innumerable novel HD fractals at your fingertips.

Midi Stack

The Midi Stack is a modular, stand-alone hardware system for playing and visualizing standard Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) files.


Finally an electric bass guitar to MIDI converter with low-to-no latency, tight enough for live performance.

The SquishBox

An all-in-one performance synthesizer in a stompbox with 4 USB inputs, infinite instrument splits/layering, effects, arpeggiators, MIDI routing, and more.


Soft, stretchable, and deformable MIDI-KnittedKeyboard for intimate, organic, and expressive musical composition and performance

Super MIDI Pak

Super MIDI Pak turns your Super Nintendo into a MIDI synthesizer!

Qwerty Midi Controller

Open source MIDI controller based on a QWERTY keyboard and an Arduino. To control in real time 100s of hidden parameters of the Hardware Synths.

The Digi-Gurdy: A MIDI Hurdy Gurdy

The Digi-Gurdy is a low-cost MIDI Hurdy Gurdy with many tuning options and a detachable playable keybox for maximum portability, allowing practice anywhere.


ProtoZOA is a flexible prototyping tool for MIDI 2.0. Open source firmware provides MIDI 2.0 interfaces and functions for developers to use in their own hardware and software products.