Software Prototypes/Non-Commercial Products

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Pivotuner: automatic real-time pure intonation and microtonal modulation


AudioCipher V3

AudioCipher is a MIDI Generator Plugin that turns words into melodies and chord progressions, in your key signature and rhythmic style of choice.

GEP Contraption

GEP Contraption is a MIDI controller/synthesizer that enables people without any experience in music to create and manipulate sounds by bodily motions.

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer

GSequencer play, capture, create and automate music

Apres midi

Our smartphones could be used in so many creative ways. This prototype scratches the surface and makes your digital software sound more analog.

D1 / Gliders

Simulated environments with delightful interactions that produce MIDI imbibed with natural motion.

Music Tapestry

Music Tapestry is a new musical analysis technology that visualizes musical performances in real-time and produces a piece of art.

Big Ear: Learn & Make Music

We gamify music learning and composition to make it fun, social and inclusive, with no need for music instrument ( MIDI instrument over USB - optional).


JavaScript and TypeScript library helping develop MIDI solutions for web, Node.js and mobile devices. Great for both learning MIDI protocol and creating commercial products!

Hot Licks

A MIDI enabled VST plugin to incorporate a multitude of audiovisual devices into a musical performance.


An augmented guitar for percussive fingerstyle, using AI to transform the body into an expressive MIDI controller for rich multi-dimensional control of drum synthesisers.


Discover Netz, an immersive mixed reality musical instrument and controller that provides a keyboard-like interface with expressive MIDI MPE and learns your gestures using AI.

spArxx Genesys™

The spArxx Genesys™ Tuning Generation System is a SaaS platform that generates digital tuning output using our exclusive math-based Fractal Tuning algorithms.


Pure intonation on keyboards in real time! Microtonal modulation! Strange and novel sonorities! Welcome to Pivotuner!

MIDI Proxy

Use a simple MIDI keyboard with pitch-bend to emulate a controller with faders and buttons. And do it from the Web! More features coming.


Dr Jonathan Weinreich had a vision to build a synthesizer with unparalleled expression and articulation, well suited for producers who require a pristine session.

Nularseq 0.9

Nularseq is a Max for Live MIDI effect designed to play melodic accompaniment synchronised to a live finger drumming performance.


Bace transforms your voice into a MIDI controller.


Our Whirled tablet app lets digital music makers input notes with intricate, fluid pitch, volume and modulation that’s normally the exclusive domain of master musicians.


VOGUM is a web application with extensive MIDI controller support for music teachers, learners and performers.

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer framework allows you to process audio data and provides a gsequencer GTK-3 UI executable.


WEBMIDI.js is a free and open source JavaScript library that makes it easy for any website to interact with a visitor’s MIDI devices.


MidiStrata is software that sits between a Master keyboard and a network of Midi devices that provides creative real-time control of live performances.

airFont380 Final for Steinberg HALion Sonic© series

High-quality multi-timbral GM sound library suitable for first-time users interested in DAW and DTM

Controlla XYZ - AR XYZ MIDI Controlla

Controlla XYZ turns your phone into a spatial audio input device. Control any 3 parameters in your DAW by moving your phone in 3D space.

PhotoSynth > InterFACE

Instant Musical Superpowers! The smile powered synthesizer - an augmented reality musical instrument played completely with your face!

Senode - Graph Seqencer

SENODE is an innovative sequencer based on probabilistic finite-state machines, synergizing a graphical composition tool for generative music and an interactive live performance instrument.


Sequencing re-invented | a creative, non-linear polyphonic MPE gestural sequencing exploration. Complex non-repetitive expressive sequences with ease. Augment your musical ideas in a fun way.

The DAW Collaboration Framework (DCF)

Browser-based middleware that interfaces with shared Cubase projects via virtual MIDI ports, establishing online collaboration with real-time videoconferencing and synchronised audio and MIDI track mixing.

DAWn Audio

DAWn Audio allows artists anywhere in the world to work together live, even if they're using different DAWs. With our middleware approach, we've created a "DAW-network" by utilizing MIDI and audio streaming to replicate in person co-creation.

Android Audio Plugin: MidiDeviceService

Import existing synth audio plugins to Android platform and use them as virtual MIDI devices


Count-Me-In allows the audience of a musical event to use their mobile phones and become part of the show!

MIDI Tape Recorder

Perfectly and effortlessly record and play expressive MIDI

Sassy Audio Spreadsheet

Virtual modular synthesizer with the user interface of a spreadsheet


MusiKraken is a modular MIDI construction kit for mobile devices. You can combine camera, touch, motion sensors and microphone input with effects to make music.

SendMIDI and ReceiveMIDI

SendMIDI and ReceiveMIDI are multi-platform command-line tools that make it very easy to quickly send, receive and monitor MIDI messages