1010music nanobox

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Submitted by:Aaron Higgins

10 May 2022

Elevator Pitch

1010music nanobox

1010music’s nanobox mini synths add new professional quality synthesizer sounds to your existing MIDI controllers. Use your MIDI device to adjust settings and trigger notes.

Product Description

1010music nanobox

With nanobox mini synths you can add new sounds to your music studio and control them with the MIDI gear you already know and love. These compact devices can squeeze into a small spot on your desk or in your suitcase rig. Don’t let their size deceive you. Under their colorful candy shells, the nanobox mini synthesizers carry a powerful synth engine with intuitive touchscreen controls. Connect them to your studio speakers or headphones and explore luscious atmospheric sounds, gritty bursts of noise, and sweetly whispered nothings.

How It's Innovative

1. Nanoboxes are compact sound modules that rely on MIDI input from other devices to truly shine. The current members of the nanobox collection allow you to add wavetable and granular synthesis sounds to your music utilizing the MIDI controller you already own. You can use your MIDI device to: - control a wide array of sound parameters - trigger notes in real-time or via your device’s sequencer - synchronize MIDI clocks for beat synced effects 2. Nanobox has automatic sensing for Type A or B MIDI input via 3.5mm TRS jacks to make the experience seamless.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Pair a nanobox | lemondrop with your existing MIDI controller and you can add inspiring flavor to your music. Configure one of the granular oscillators to use the line in signal as the source. Use your MIDI controller to trigger notes while controlling granular parameters such as density, grain size and jitter to create a wide sonic palette—from lush environmental pads to rugged and glitched-out textures. Power the nanobox | lemondrop with a USB power brick, pair it with a compact MIDI controller and you can bring the whole setup to your next jam in a small backpack. The nanoboxes will become your MIDI controller’s new best friend, whether you have a powerful studio controller like the Studiologic Numa Compact 2x 88-key Semi-Weighted Keyboard with Aftertouch, or a portable device like the Novation Circuit.

Expansion Plans

1010music plans to add more products to the nanobox collection in the future. The nanobox firmware can be updated by downloading new firmware from the 1010music forum and putting it on the included microSD card. We will add new features to the devices over time.


The nanobox | fireball – Polyphonic Wavetable Mini Synth and the nanobox | lemondrop – Polyphonic Granular Mini Synth are available for sale now at 1010music.com and a wide array of synthesizer shops around the world.