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Submitted by:Colin Ramsay

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


The MVP is an intuitive and affordable MIDI-controlled hardware solution for time-synced video and lighting, catering to the 90% of performers who can’t afford the equipment and labor traditionally necessary.

Product Description


Live music today is as much about listening with your eyes as it is with your ears, and the days of an artist being able to solely rely on their musical skills for a live show are just about over. The reality, however, is that traditional stage video and lighting solutions do nothing to address the needs of the vast majority of performers, instead catering solely to the top 1%. The MVP fills that gap by simplifying the functions of media servers and complex VJ and lighting software into an accessible, portable, and affordable plug-and-play box. The hardware is set up by connecting to any computer over powered USB and configuring via your browser - no software or drivers required. Video clips are dragged and dropped onto the device, and lighting cues are recorded as raw DMX signals from any lighting desk or software. Once loaded with content, individual video clips and lighting cues are mapped to MIDI notes which can then be triggered by any MIDI capable hardware or software. Artists performing with existing audio playback from any DAW can easily add a MIDI track to their session outputting to the MVP to sync visuals to their tracks. Alternatively, connecting the MVP to a hardware controller such as an APC or SPD-SX allows any performer or crew member dynamic control over their visuals in real time. The result is a solution that integrates seamlessly with any setup without requiring the performer to modify their approach.

How It's Innovative

Most performers who incorporate visuals in their show invest significant time, energy, and money in either hiring specialized road crew to operate their playback or running bloated, multi-piece playback systems. Even the most cost effective options can cost in excess of $5,000 for a dedicated playback computer and software licenses. The innovation of the MVP is in its simple, purpose-built design. The standalone hardware means no processing load on existing hardware and no wasted expense on an additional computer. MIDI operability means it interfaces with all commonly used music technology, in a language widely understood by all skill levels of performers. The slim, 3”x3” profile means it slips into any backpack or hides anywhere on stage. By focusing on solving the most common problems of hobbyists to medium-size professionals, the MVP is remarkably accessible.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

The first artist to tour with an MVP prototype, electronic producer Machinedrum, proved our thesis of what the technology could deliver. Machinedrum already had incredible visuals from prior festival performances, but was preparing for a small club tour and realized he wouldn’t be able to tour with a VJ and would have to sacrifice the visual complement to his set he had spent hours and thousands of dollars designing. The MVP allowed him to not only tour with his full visual production, but also to add a stunning light show on top of it, and to be entirely in control of every aspect of his show. He quickly found that with a hardware controller he could “MIDI fighter” his visuals and dynamically improvise them each night, and if he wanted to adjust his light show he could quickly rearrange MIDI notes in his Ableton session.

Expansion Plans

We’re beginning development on a pro model of the MVP which will include a touch screen and added functionality for DJs while continuing to build new feature sets for the base model. We are also developing a subscription based visual and lighting content marketplace that cloud-syncs directly with the hardware, allowing affordable access to creative content. Through these plans we are expanding our offerings to solve not only the issue of playback with the MVP, but also the front end creative design costs and backend lighting fixture costs through intuitive lighting design software.


Currently the MVP prototype has been road tested by 8 artists at 100+ shows worldwide, including Nosaj Thing, Machinedrum, Baths, and Rochelle Jordan. We’re in the process of pursuing a pre-order campaign to finalize development and shipping of the first run of retail models which will include an upgraded chip, custom designed PCB, and improved UI. We have existing partners for all parts of our supply chain but need the funding to meet order minimums. Retail price for the MVP will be $499, a 10x decrease in price compared to comparable solutions while allowing us a comfortable margin to grow the business. Our hope is to power professional touring artists, but also arm hobbyists and the next generation with the tools to explore their visual creativity alongside their music.