Elevator Pitch


A huge LED-Beat-Counter for Live Performances

Product Description


A device consisting of a Neopixel LED-Strip and a Raspberry Pi Pico. The strip is glued to a drumhead to form a circle. The circle fills with a color when MIDI Clockmessages are recieved and takes 16 bars to fill. This way you easily have an orientation where you are in the song. I use it for DAW-less LIve performances, to sync with other people for making a drop at the same time (when the circle is full).

How It's Innovative

I havent seen anything like that yet. It's perfect for Jamsessions with switching people to make sure everyone is on the same track. Also it looks super awesome for live performances.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Don't get the question. I like it to put my hand inside, gives it a very creepy look.

Expansion Plans

I want to add a Buzzer to the device. When performing live in a club, the buzzer should be accessible from the dancefloor and should have a label "Press for Drop". When someone presses it, the light changes color to indicate the artists, that a guest wants a drop and they can build it up and drop on the next full circle.


None, but feel free to reach out to me if you wanna sell it.