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Submitted by:Changsha Hotone Audio Co.,Ltd.

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


Meet your cyber matrix controller. Cybery is a compact but versatile pedal manager that helps you keep everything in order.

Product Description


Cybery is a smart MIDI & Audio switcher with mobile phone companion application. It has 4 independent relay-based True Bypass audio loops. And it supports Programmable MIDI control (sending PC and CC messages) for commanding pedals, multi-effects, mobile apps, and more. It is equipped with Built-in Bluetooth module for wireless programming and control. And the free mobile app sets you free from complex and annoying hardware programming.

How It's Innovative

A guitarist's pedalboard is always a maze of gadgets. But those patch cables are locking the creativeness of the artists. That's why we developed Cybery which is a combination of MIDI and Audio switcher. With one footswitch, user can not only change the audio signal flow direction but also send out MIDI messages to set up pedals for the new configuration. No more hassle to unplug and plug patch cables just because you want to switch to another signal chain. Guitarists, unlike keyboard players, are always not so easy with MIDI. Most of them would find it quite difficult to program devices using MIDI messages. So we put Bluetooth inside Cybery and developed the mobile app. So one can use the user-friendly UI of the app to make the whole configuration process much more straightforward and much easier.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

It's so hard to describe it by text. Please check out the final page of the product introduction document.

Expansion Plans

We will have future models featuring more loops and footswitches.


The product is already on the market