DAWn Audio

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Submitted by:Diego Pinzon

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

DAWn Audio

DAWn Audio allows artists anywhere in the world to work together live, even if they're using different DAWs. With our middleware approach, we've created a "DAW-network" by utilizing MIDI and audio streaming to replicate in person co-creation.

Product Description

DAWn Audio

DAWn Audio consists of a web-application and a downloadable software that allows artists to log in, invite friends, sync their DAWs, and co-create live. This is done by streaming MIDI and audio:

1. By streaming MIDI data, artists are able to fully manipulate and edit each other's DAWs.
2. Low-latency, high-fidelity audio is in turn streamed out from each artist's DAW and synchronized, allowing artists to work on and hear one cohesive project that is actually made up of individual projects and arrangements on their corresponding DAWs.

The result is an experience which offers live, remote editing that functions cross-DAW, thus removing barriers to co-creation today. We're currently compatible with Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools

How It's Innovative

Our middleware approach allows for an experience which offers live, remote editing that functions cross-DAW. Cloud-collaborative solutions in the music industry today fail to do so because of technical and legal limitations.

Existing solutions focus on storing a single project in the cloud which limits their cross-DAW compatibility and their ability to have edits instantly seen and heard by all artists. On top of that, different DAWs would never license their proprietary instruments, effects, plugins, etc. meaning a single project file could never truly operate cross-DAW without limiting manipulability by requiring conversion to audio

Instead, DAWn Audio creates what sounds like a single cohesive project that artists can all edit by streaming MIDI data and commands, but that is really composed of individual projects hosted on each artists' computer, with the individual audio being streamed with

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Artists we've spoken to have all shown incredible creativity in possible applications of our solution - the most exciting to me personally being one which actively drives artist-to-fan engagement: Artists today actively engage in communities they've fostered on platforms like Discord.

Kenny Beats is a producer who's fostered one of these communities and will host weekly beat-making competitions for his base, where they'll be given a prompt and then have one hour to submit before he then goes on Twitch to judge the submissions live where he has over 300k followers. Kenny gives the top 10 submissions prizes ranging in price upwards of a few $100 each, creating and motivating consistent weekly engagement. BUT with DAWn, Kenny could reward the top submissions each month with an exclusive invite to a DAWn session where his fans now have the opportunity to co-create with him live, enabling an artist who spends countless hours making music from their room the opportunity to suddenly be co-creating with their favorite producer. And that's just one of the many celeb-artist who's fostered one of the many digital communities, with the communities today reaching over 8.4M artist members

Expansion Plans

We're currently pre-revenue and pre-funding as we've been bootstrapping our development thus far. That said, we're in the process of beginning to seek funding to expand our team as we seek to fully commercially launch our product in January of 2023. In the coming months, we'll be continuing our various stages of testing by offering artists exclusive access to our platform as we continue to develop the product and add communal and social features on top of the simple DAWn Session Rooms currently available. Our larger vision is to begin by enabling co-creation, but then bring these digital communities of artists that exist today onto our platform. These communities all have tremendous engagement with artists seeking to: discover others, engage with fans, watch tutorials, stream content, and ultimately better their craft. Our hope is that this global community of co-creators can finally find a common home to share our passion that already drives this industry. Our technology is just the foundation in making DAWn that home


We'll be offering DAWn as a SaaS annual subscription with two tiers - a Basic Tier which enables live remote collaboration for artists using the same DAW, and a Pro Tier which enables the features on the Basic, with added cross-DAW co-creation.

We've found artists are accustomed to paying monthly and annual subscriptions (services like Splice) and our projected prices are competitive with those on the market.

We're working to directly partner with the admins and moderators of the digital communities artists have fostered in order to plug those communities into our network, with our initial target focusing on discord communities with a heavy focus on producers, as we've found through conversations with their admins and moderators that they actively miss engagement because of a lack of effective digital co-creation.