DigitAize Smart Violin

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10 May 2022

Elevator Pitch

DigitAize Smart Violin

DigitAize is a smart violin, which combines the qualities of acoustic instruments with the possibilities of MIDI connectivity and digital signal processing

Product Description

DigitAize Smart Violin

DigitAize Smart Violin is a MIDI enhanced violin, which connects to any DAW or software, relying on MIDI through either our own software infrastructure or directly through Bluetooth MIDI.

How It's Innovative

Our smart violins are fully acoustical instruments, integrated with a digital unit and custom designed sensors, designed to access all the possibilities of digital music making. Our patented haptic sensor fingerboard, because of its unique resolution and an individual control of each string, provides an unbeatable polyphonic pitch-to-MIDI detection, at an ultra-low latency wireless transmission (connecting via Bluetooth). Our fully integrated instruments also feature 3D motion sensors and a built-in high-end digital microphone, to provide a complete data model of the musician. Our technology is also designed in a way that reduces the acoustic impact on the instrument to the minimum. In that way, the player experiences a natural feeling with the instrument, without experiencing any acoustical interference. Our instruments allow full compatibility with common DAW and software for music making (via MIDI and VST), as well as a lot of possibilities to connect to other softwares via OSC protocol. Our own software environment, tailored for DigitAize, makes this instrument extremely easy and fun to play. After more than 5 years of research we are proud to present the new generation of smart musical instruments. Please have a look here to find out how DigitAize works in action:


See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Our DigitAize Smart Instruments are designed for the stage. Because of the stunning real-time highly expressive MIDI output provided by the digital unit, they allow players to control synthesizers or virtual instruments in any software and combine digital music making with the acoustic instrument experience in a seamless and unique way. Surely the greatest potential of this new technology lies in its potential for music assessment and for a new approach to e-learning. DigitAize is also an inclusive technology, as it allows, via unique audio-visual feedback tools, persons with vision impairment or low vision to approach a musical instrument in a new way. The team behind DigitAize is working hard on expanding the software infrastructure and tools, opening up more fields of application for our technology in the future.

Expansion Plans

We just finished the test phase for a new prototype of a wireless microphone with pitch-to-MIDI features designed especially for wind instruments, which will be released by the end of 2022. We are also currently working on new fully integrated wind instruments (flute and saxophone), which will allow to translate the playing data to MIDI via the combination of our pitch-to-MIDI algorithm and a key detection mechanism build inside the instrument. All these instruments will be compatible with our software environment to allow connectivity between multiple instruments. Through our concrete plans to expand the software ecosystem, we aim to create a flexible environment for our users and promote musical collaborations, also via web. We want to be the first company to create a single environment for multiple fully integrated musical instruments.


In cooperation with the string instrument company Stentor Ltd. and our distribution partners, we launched our smart violins in the whole Europe in March 2022. After our showcase at NAMM 2022, we plan to enter also in the American and Japanese market. We are also working intensively on creating new software tools for assessment, in order to use DigitAize more also in musical education, with a potentially disruptive effect on the sector. Through our reliable business partnership, we rely on a solid production and distribution chain, which makes it easy for us to achieve our goal to establish DigitAize as one of the leading brands in the landscape of smart musical instruments.