Dodeka Stellar

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Submitted by:Josua Rochat

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Dodeka Stellar

Dodeka Stellar Isomorphic and modular MIDI controller - probably the most expressive musical keyboard

Product Description

Dodeka Stellar

Dodeka Stellar is an isomorphic and modular MIDI controller for the next generation of musicians who wants to explore new ways of musical expression. Its isomorphic keyboard layout set the keys in a straight linear fashion, all at the same level. Musical passages, chords, and scales now only have one fingering and shape no matter what key you play them in. Wherever your inspiration takes you, you’ll explore new ideas quicker than ever with the Dodeka Stellar — probably the most expressive musical keyboard.

How It's Innovative

The Dodeka Stellar is an expressive, modular and isomorphic midi controller designed to elevate the piano keyboard to a new level of expressiveness, creativity and simplicity. Highly expressive: High sensitive key action mechanism using magnetic sensors. Pitch bend & modulation on the fly on single notes Isomorphic: Equal pitch intervals. Musical passages have the same fingering and spatial relation regardless of the key. Modular: Stack additional modules together to extend your keyboard ranges and possibilities. Dodeka music notation ready: Read and play simple dodeka sheet music thanks to visual cues on the keyboard.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Thanks to its isomorphic layout, musicians can free themselves from key constraints and play chords and scales with the same fingering. In addition, they can discover the great world of microtonality, playing around with new tunings.

Expansion Plans

It is difficult to talk about our expansion plans without having a product on the market. However, as a Swiss company our key market is obviously Europe, with key focus on Switzerland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. In addition, 50% of our current community comes from the US and Asia, which obviously positions them as markets we want to test in the early days.


We focus on the prosumer midi controller/keyboard market, with a key differentiator in the ergonomics space (isomorphic and linear layout) and expression features (high sensitive & microtonal modes). Our current strategy follows a bottom-up and direct sales approach. In the coming 12 months, we plan to organically build our community by putting a few models on the market (through a crowdfunding campaign). Through this phase we expect to gather feedback and insights about the existing market and prosumers. Only from there, we will be able craft a more precise commercialisation plan. So far, we have built a community of more than 500 followers around the Dodeka Stellar.