Drum MIDIa for PlayStation Controller Interface

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Submitted by:Steven Hamamoto

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Drum MIDIa for PlayStation Controller Interface

KONAMI© drum mania as PlayStation controller transform to portable drum for street live or home use.

Product Description

Drum MIDIa for PlayStation Controller Interface

This system turns the KONAMI🄬 drum mania controller for SONY🄬PlayStation 2© (hereinafter simply called drum mania) into a portable full drum set with absolutely no modifications. This interface set consists of the following (1)drum mania [discontinued legacy product] / (2)drum mania MIDI over USB protocol convertor [DIY] / (3)MIDI Sound Generator Module on Banana Pi M2 Zero©(Raspberry pi ZERO W© clone) [DIY] / (4)USB Audio D/A Convertor [commercially available general-purpose module] / (5)Stereo amplifier speaker, headphone, earphone, etc. all must have volume control function. (Notice) Maximum output is set by default. The following features are available (a) With only (1) and (2), it functions as a MIDI instrument and can be connected to a smartphone with OTG function (please prepare an app separately), tablet, or your favorite MIDI Sound Module. Latency depends on the connected device. / (b) Since (2) handles the PlayStation 2 controller protocol directly, the overhead (latency) from pad hit (and button push) to MIDI message generation is optimally minimized. / (c) Of course, drum mania can still be connected to the PlayStation 2 to play games as before. / (d) Simply connect it and turn it on to use it immediately as a full drum set. / (e) You will hardly feel any latency from pad hits (and button pushes). / (f) 41 preset tones can be changed at the touch of a button. / (g) The selected tone will be the default setting the next time you start up the unit, so you can use your favorite tones permanently. / (h) As a trade-off to achieve (d), velocity is fixed and the volume balance for each instrument is also fixed.  If you want to set the volume balance for each instrument, connect (2) USB as USB MIDI to a flexible, real-time MIDI environment such as the Steinberg HALion Sonic© series by YAMAHA🄬.

How It's Innovative

Similar attempts have been made in the past to turn drum mania into electronic drums, but the purpose was to enjoy electronic construction, and few musicians have used the finished product for practical purposes.  However, the new coronavirus has made it difficult for amateur musicians to perform live indoors, and we believe that the demand for portable drum sets is increasing for street gigs.  Against this background, this prototype has the following features (a) Fits into a case smaller than a guitar case. A full drum set that is lighter than a guitar. / (b) The pedal included with the drum mania functions as a Hi-Hat control pedal, enabling Hi-Hat Open/Close and the sound when Close occurs. / (c) The cost of materials can be kept under $50 USA, so you can build a full-fledged electronic drum set yourself at a reasonable price. / (d) You can use it as a full drum set right away just by plugging it in and turning it on. / (e) Ecological reuse of old game controllers that would otherwise be thrown away as trash. / (f) No modification of the device by the user is required. / (g) Easy tone switching by simply pressing a button. / (h) If you have the skills, you can set up and customize the tones to your liking.

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Most Inspiring Use Cases

Live street performance with portable full-set drums

Expansion Plans

* Some parts are still in breadboard wiring because they are prototypes. I will convert them to circuit boards to improve durability and reliability. * I have not yet created a case to house all the parts. I would like to use a 3D printer to make a case in the future.


I currently have no plans to commercialize the product, but I am considering giving away handmade ones to those who want them.