Electronic Valve Instrument

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Submitted by:Todd Peterson

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Electronic Valve Instrument

Hand Built Prototype of an Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) MIDI controller programmed with Artificial Intelligence Markov Chain melody generation that is so easy to play that one can just play from the heart without having to learn any scales or chords

Product Description

Electronic Valve Instrument

My prototype instrument is patented (# US 9,024,168) and currently packaged in a professional Hammond enclosure and uses a trumpet mouthpiece. It has three capacitive touch "valves" and a proximity sensor. Chords / Triads can be played by touching all three buttons and melody can be played with one finger. Better than the old Kimball organ "one finger playing" my instrument follows with the accompaniment in the tempo or rhythm set by the player. I also have plans to make an educational kit out of it with 3D printer files and software code for common microcontroller boards like Arduino. It will be accompanied or sold as a book that can be used in the classroom as a STEAM project including Science and Technology of capacitive and proximity sensing & artificial intelligence, Electronics, Art (music theory) and Math in the form of Markov Chains and probabilities. Thirdly I have recently developed an iPhone App version of the EVI. I have already had a keyboard version on the App Store. Todd Peterson tAP™ Instruments

How It's Innovative

The following video is of the MIDI Guitar version of my patent: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=572209273643550 Here is the keyboard app based on same patent: https://appadvice.com/game/app/todd-peterson/1281768782 The innovation as proven by the issue of the patent in 2015 is that in all versions of the instrument, the chord or key of the instrument is easily changed by the hand over the proximity sensor.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

I ENJOY playing it myself so much it actually brings me to tears (Joy and sadness) as I play it "from my heart". I understand that Steve Wozniak (who I ran into at NAMM a few years ago and mentioned that I liked his book "iWoz") had a similar inspiration as he built his own computer since he couldn't afford to buy a computer the "price of a house".

Expansion Plans

Phone and tablet Apps for Keyboard and EVI versions. Boutique instruments of the EWI (woodwind style) and MIDI guitar. https://patents.google.com/patent/US9024168B2/en?oq=9024168


I have attended both Nashville and Anaheim NAMM shows and Moogfest in the past to approach companies to license my patent. The head engineer at Moog seemed interested at first but then declined. At this point (besides creating the beforementioned textbook / educational kit) I plan to develop the IOS app and submit to the Apple App Store and then perhaps make hand made MIDI "boutique" instrument similar to Nyle Steiner: https://www.patchmanmusic.com/NyleSteinerHomepage.html