Erae Touch

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Submitted by:Alexandre Panizzoli

10 May 2022

Elevator Pitch

Erae Touch

Erae Touch is a Polyphonic Expressive MIDI Controller. It is born out of a desire to combine both sensitivity and versatility in a seamless object.

Product Description

Erae Touch

Erae Touch is a highly Versatile and Sensitive Polyphonic MIDI Controller. With its 18 inch silicone surface, the Erae Touch is the perfect standard for live performances and intense studio sessions. Summon prefab elements like action keyboards, rhythmic objects and adjustment settings from our highly intuitive Erae LAB software. Designed for the most demanding producers and musicians looking to explore new frontiers in digital and electronic music.

How It's Innovative

The first musical controller to embed more than a thousand high quality Force Sensitive Resistors (FSRs) that can handle bare hands with soft finger touch or drumsticks and with below 1ms Latency. Erae Touch is both ultra sensitive and large, to open up possibilities and gives you more space to explore and express yourself. Designed for demanding musicians from electronic producer to drummers performing live.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Erae Touch can be used as a very advanced controller as much as a very effective and sensitive Touchpad instrument using fingers or Drumsticks. With a captivating and synergetic audiovisual experience, you can add polyphonic pitch-bend, slide and after-touch to your gesture palette. Control multiple effects within one touch and rediscover your favorite synthesizers or your entire music set.

Expansion Plans

EMBODME is a startup that was born in 2018 with roots in Music and Robotics. We want to lead innovation in the music industry and bring more instrument for musician and digital artist to perform live and expand the perception of the public to the possibilities of digital and electronic music.


Erae Touch was launched on Kickstarter in December 2020 and was on pre-sales during 2021. NAMM 2022 will be the official opening to worldwide distribution and specialized retail stores.