FP-E50 Entertainment Piano

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Submitted by:Corey Fournier

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

FP-E50 Entertainment Piano

Grand piano tone and touch meet Roland's legendary synthesizer sounds and advanced vocal effects with interactive accompaniment backing, expandability, and one-step recording with vocals.

Product Description

FP-E50 Entertainment Piano

FP-E50 is a versatile piano that brings Roland’s best tech together in a single instrument that you can create-with at home and perform-with live. SuperNATURAL pianos, Zen-Core synths, and VP vocal processing – all with interactive backing to capture the songs you love and inspire the ones you write. Plus, you can download new accompaniment styles from Roland Cloud so you're always on-trend with the latest music.

How It's Innovative

The FP-E50 integrates multiple technologies into a portable and user-friendly instrument. Despite its many capabilities, the interface is easy to use and the controls are accessible and intuitive. This enables musicians to navigate seamlessly without obstructing the creative process and easily transport from studio to stage.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

For pianists, playing with a band isn’t always feasible or practical. The FP-E50 is a powerful platform for artistic expression providing interactive backing accompaniment, great sounds, and a mic input with intelligent harmony effects. For players at home, being able to play favorite songs and record onboard is gratifying. For those who like to perform, the FP-E50's sound library is well-suited to support a live band. But if you're playing solo, the backing styles deliver a full-band and vocal sound.

Expansion Plans

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