Impact LX Mini

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Submitted by:Nektar Technology, Inc.

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Impact LX Mini

Impact LX Mini is Nektar’s most powerful mini MIDI controller featuring intuitive tactile features, DAW integration & instrument plugin control for most DAWs, 2 arpeggiators and the unique Part Two feature.

Product Description

Impact LX Mini

Impact LX Mini makes Nektar’s acclaimed DAW integration features available in a truly portable package. LX mini is USB class compliant and works with any MIDI music software right out of the box.

The included Nektar DAW integration for over 12 DAWs (including Ableton, Cubase, Logic, Studio One, Fl Studio, …) adds instant pre-mapped and comprehensive DAW control, one highlight being instrument plugin remote control. This brings an intuitive and tactile workflow to software-based mobile production setups.

25 velocity-sensitive mini-keys, a MIDI-assignable joystick with additional push button function and a sustain pedal connector provide the tools for expressive playing. Performance features include 2 on-board arpeggiator engines with instant realtime access via the 8 pots and excellent drum pads.

The unique “Part Two” buttons enable momentary note transpose, layering or MIDI channel switching while playing – a fun performance feature delivering extended reach.

Impact LX Mini has everything you need to create!

How It's Innovative

Impact LX Mini is the first mobile Nektar mini MIDI controller with full-featured Nektar DAW integration including instrument plugin control, 8 pots for realtime access to features, drum pads and 2 arpeggiators. One design goal was to create an intuitive and tactile instrument that provides all essential controls without requiring any menu diving. Another innovative aspect is the unique Nektar Part Two feature for momentary transpose, note layering and other creative performance options.

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Most Inspiring Use Cases

From producing beats on the beach or using the controller's performance features to inspire new ideas, LX Mini brings a tactile feel to mobile music production - hopefully helping to create the music of tomorrow!

Expansion Plans

Impact LX Mini is the latest - and most powerful to date - expansion to Nektar's growing range of mini MIDI controllers. Also available are Impact GX Mini and SE25.


Available worldwide from Nektar dealers.