Jammy E

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Submitted by:Oleg Domanksy

10 May 2022

Elevator Pitch

Jammy E

Jammy E is a more affordable MIDI guitar controller that will help guitarists create in any genre playing any virtual instrument they want

Product Description

Jammy E

E is for Evolution Having produced the original Jammy G guitar for two years now, we've reimagined a string MIDI controller by taking feedback from our Jammy community, focusing on things that matter the most for music makers Portability Even more portability with a new adjustable frame Sensors Next-generation superlative sensors for advanced tracking and low latency (8-10 ms)

Controls Two assignable buttons and a volume knob to interface with your DAW and open up a new layer of music expressiveness Connectivity

Connects to your DAW as a MIDI device via USB-C or Bluetooth Accelerometer That can work as a whammy bar or anything you wanty Strings Replaceable steel strings with optimized string spacing

How It's Innovative

Jammy E was developed in Kviv, Ukraine based on feedback from around the world.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

What is inspiring are the people of Ukraine. This is the message we received when we reached out to Oleg after the Russian invasion.

The Jammy Instruments team are mostly Ukrainians, living and working from our home country. As you might have heard from the news, after an increasingly unjustified military pressure over the last several months, Russia has invaded Ukraine. The largest cities in Ukraine are getting bombed by russian military forces and people are seeking shelter in the subway stations and basements of their homes. Our team’s safety is the first priority so our efforts are focused on that in the short term. We will get back to working on the firmware improvements and shipping continuation right after this is over. Please allow for some delays in communication.

The people who used to be peaceful customer support and web page developers are now fighting for their lives. The MIDI Association is working to find a buyer for Jammy as they currently are unable to continue business. Please support them in any way you can by going to their website.

We stand with the people of Jammy and the people of Ukraine in theri fight for freedom.

Expansion Plans

Carrying case High-quality durable neoprene carrying case with 2 interior pockets for Jammy E and side pocket for small stuff. Additional string set Custom nickel wound steel strings


Jammy is still available for sale on their website.