Categories: Hardware Prototypes/Non-Commercial products

Submitted by:KENNETH KIBBY

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


KIBBY-A-FREAK drums is made of recycled parts and bamboo framing, making it an affordable and practical environment friendly DIY project for the African market.

Product Description


Kibby-A-Freak drums is a DIY project that combines the power of two open source micro-controllers, to deliver a stand-alone electronic drum, fully equiped with it's own programmable sounds and switchable flashing RGB LEDs, giving any drummer the extra showcase experience.

How It's Innovative

The Kibby-A-Freak drum seeks to play it’s own part in being ‘environment friendly’ since it’s mostly is inspired by ‘Creative Innovation’ and recycling. Therefore it is hand-made and every part used to construct the drum is locally resourced and/or sometimes recycled. The frame, holding the whole structure is made of ‘Bamboo’ , is easy to set up and set down, light, strong and has an extendable swinging arm with a detachable 3ply wood mount, incase the drummer needs to work with his laptop computer or any other device, live, while jamming without having to move from his seat.

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Most Inspiring Use Cases

Having being developed in East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. The Kibby-A-Freak drums has a purpose to inspire local performing artists to merge their authentic African instruments and sounds to the digital world that is inevitably becoming the new future. This will break the ignorant stereotype that is, technological gadgets only get manufacture and imported from abroad. The Kibby-A-Freak drums also intend to kick start a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, targeting schools. This is aimed at moulding young coders and creative minds as well, which will in turn give rise to a technological savvy generation.

Expansion Plans

The Kibby-A-Freak drums is hoping to partner with investors to: A) design drum pad toys for kids. This will have voice prompts and playback capabilities. B) design digital drumsticks that can give more switchable options of manipulating the sounds being played live. C) design wireless light transmissions, that can be synchronised through the performance stage and venue lights, making them respond simultaneously to the sounds being played. D) design user presets that can be saved and moved through a storage device like a usb stick.


The Kibby-A-Freak drums is hoping to be availed in music stores, both locally and internationally, to be sold as a full kit or in parts dependant on the consumers’ requirement.