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Submitted by:Faselunare

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


An OpenSource platform for the creation and development of new musical instruments

Product Description


Microcosmos is a small device based on Teensy 4.1 which has: 5 luminous buttons, 17 rgb leds, an rgb oled display, stereo audio, stereo audio out, midi in and midi out on minijack, midi on usb host, an internal microphone and a micro SD. By changing the code, you can change the behavior of the machine which can be a midi monitor, a sequencer, an arpeggiator, a synth, a sampler, a recorder etc... It can be used by musicians who don't know anything about coding, by simply downloading the engine of interest from the site (in the future), or by musician makers who want to create their own musical instrument or by those who want to prototype a musical instrument before producing it and still for educational purposes in schools and conservatories. The current version bases its audio engine on Faust but other languages will be available in the future. At the moment the hardware is complete but the software is in the ALPHA stage. All software and hardware material will be released under an open-source license

How It's Innovative

Microcosmos is innovative because, thanks to the hardware equipment, it also allows non-experts to approach the world of AUDIO and MIDI programming without having to worry about having dedicated hardware.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

For me, as the product designer, the ability to craft countless number of musical instruments and algorithm just with one device.

Expansion Plans

- Growing a community of user/developer who will be able to share their creations with other users - Simplify the programming phase with a dedicated software - Create a set of Expansion boards (For example a board with bluetooth or wifi, or a rechargeable battery for portability)


There is a lot of interest on Microcosmos among some schools and university we plan to create a dedicated website with patches, tutorials, editor and a community to involve people to learn and develope audio apps for Microcosmos. Due to the smd technology involved, the Microcosmos will be sold as pre-assembled units.