Midi Ready One

Categories: Hardware Prototypes/Non-Commercial products

Submitted by:Paolo Nicotra

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Midi Ready One

Programmable MIDI 3PDT stomp switch

Product Description

Midi Ready One

Midi Ready One is a stomp switch, perfectly suitable on the same footprint of a classic 3PDT stomp switch, with MIDI program change and control change functionality. The device has a MIDI INPUT to recall one of the 128 preset (ON/OFF state) stored in the internal eeprom and it has a stomp switch on the top to set the state (short press) or store the state (long press).

How It's Innovative

It is revolutionary: all analog guitar stompboxes (90% of them uses a 3PDT switch compatible with midi ready one) can be activated by a midi controller without the need of a switcher, double cables, and at the same time the stompboxes mantains the same previous practical functionality and look. The same circuit is suitable to be used on stompboxes with different kind of bypass with few modifications, and can be used to create custom applications as amplifier channel switchers, A/B boxes etc.

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Most Inspiring Use Cases

Conversion of standard analog pedalboard into programmable pedalboards with no "traumatic" changes.

Expansion Plans

The device can be expanded including a midi output to create a daisy chain with all the stompboxes in the board. Using SysEx protocol can be created a sort of "mega custom controller" standalone, integrated with the pedalboard ,without the need of an external controller. We are working on a "universal" sysex editor for our products that allows to create easy editing scenarios and more powerful customizable functionalities.


I started a small production last year but at the moment it's stopped because the shortage of components. The aim is to find a distribution channel to increment the numbers and to allow some kind of scalability to lower the production costs and so the final price. The launch price is between 40 and 30 euro for device.