MIDIPLUS Vboard 25

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24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

MIDIPLUS Vboard 25

The Vboard 25 is the world's first original folding MIDI keyboard with standard key width, pads, knobs, and a wealth of features, rechargeable. A variety of connection methods to control the computer, mobile phone, tablet DAW, sound engine and synthesizer

Product Description

MIDIPLUS Vboard 25

Vboard 25 is the world's first innovative foldable 25-key USB/Bluetooth MIDI keyboard. Innovative folding design, it is only the size of a computer keyboard when it is folded. And the backplane has two fixed states of "lying" and "supporting". The ultra-thin folding design has the standard key width of a piano instead of mini keys. The Vboard 25 has 8 pads and bank turnable. Using touch-type pitch bend and modulation. With octave and semitone transposition functions. It has 4 assignable function knobs, and also has the advantages of novel one-key chord and arpeggiator functions, which can meet the needs of different arrangements and performances; the built-in 14 styles smart scales include Chinese, Japanese, blues, European church, Hungary, and the Middle East. Improvise, produce and find inspiration just by playing the white keys. Through the USB-C/Bluetooth MIDI/3.5 MIDIOUT interface, there are three ways to connect to the computer/mobile phone/tablet PC/hardware synthesizer/sound engine, as well as CV outputs connect to synthesizer and module.

How It's Innovative

1. Vboard is the world's first multifunctional foldable series of MIDI keyboards. Vboard 25 is originally designed and developed by a Chinese team. After being unfolded, the back panel has two fixed states of "lying" and "supporting". A compact standard-width 25-key MIDI keyboard for music production, live performance, and travel creation. The delicate velocity curve is carefully adjusted, which can be competent for the emotional expression and performance appeal of a variety of musical instruments. It is compatible with most major DAWs, arrangement software and apps, suitable for professional musicians and beginners. 2. Built-in one-key chord and arpeggiator functions. The chord and arpeggiator functions can pick up chords with up to 10 notes and arpeggiators with 32 notes respectively. The arpeggiaor function also includes the HOLD button, the TAP TEMPO button, and the SWING, ORDER, RANGE, and RATE knobs. The HOLD button can maintain the progress of the arpeggio, which provides convenience for the arrangement; the BPM rate of the arpeggiator can be adjusted by continuously clicking the TAP TEMPO button; the SHIFT button and the corresponding knobs of SWING, ORDER, RANGE, RATE are combined to control, then Parameters such as the rhythm swing, note order, octave range, and note duration of the arpeggiator can be adjusted separately. 3. Built-in 14 types of smart scales carefully selected and designed. Vboard 25 has 14 smart scales. You can play blues, chinoiserie, Hungarian, Japanese, Middle eastern, Egyptian, bebop music styles just by playing the white keys. Without cumbersome music theory, even a novice can easily get started and quickly generate interest in creation and performance. 4. with a very rich controller and output interface. 8 multi-function pads for note input, CC control assignment, and bank turnable. 4 assignable function knobs, associated with DAWs and CC parameters. Combined with the SHIFT button to adjust the Arpeggio parameters. Supports three MIDI connection methods: USB-C, Bluetooth MIDI, and MIDI OUT(3.5mm jack). With 3.5 sustain pedal input, PITCH OUT, GATE OUT, MOD OUT 3.5 interface to connect synthesizers and modules.

Most Inspiring Use Cases

In the size of a computer keyboard, it meets the requirements of standard key width , transport control, pads and knobs, abundant controllers, three MIDI connection methods for arpeggiator, rich expansion and connectivity, built-in rechargeable battery, ultra-thin folding and lightweight design in one, solves the problems of mini MIDI keyboards, meets the needs of almost all mobile music creations for MIDI keyboards and pad, and improves the quality of creation and the experience of music production and performance.

Expansion Plans

Plan to sell in Europe, America and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions in Asia.


Vboard 25 has completed the design and performance of the sample, and is currently undergoing small-scale production. The first products are expected to be launched in June 2022.