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Submitted by:Shuo Huang

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


Meet PalmBand, a smart device that lets you play a variety of instruments, right on your palm!

Product Description


Equipped with advanced motion sensing technology, PalmBand is the most portable smart gesture-controlled musical instrument & synthesizer in the world, capable of playing many MIDI instruments and seamlessly switching between them to create your own musical masterpiece. With an 8-point touchscreen & 3+ virtual note ranges, it delivers an incredibly realistic playing experience with ultra-low latency.

Just connect PalmBand to your smartphone app with Bluetooth, and you’re good to go.

Equipped with Somatosensory Technology, PalmBand captures even the slightest movement and transforms it into clear & realistic audio in real-time. Any motion such as tapping, spinning, shaking, or swiping can be translated into beautiful musical notes. Regardless of your skill level, you can always have fun making music with PalmBand!

With in-app tutorials, it only takes several minutes for beginners to pick up the basics and begin to create unique hits. For those with more experience, PalmBand is just like musical Legos: building sounds into songs with endless possibilities. It’s easy to learn, play, and record music like a pro. In the Music Station, you can create tracks using Rock, Blues, Pop or other popular musical genres. It’s like having a music studio in the palm of your hand, ready for you to create hit songs.

How It's Innovative

Traditionally, trying out various musical instruments and using them to perform a song can be quite difficult and takes years to master. By mimicking the traditional music instruments, all you need to perform a song is a smartphone and PalmBand. It is a lot easier to master than a traditional music instrument; and with the recent technological advancement in digital music and wearable tech, the playing experience will only get better.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Early musical education can be a major inspiring use of PalmBand. This product can be used to introduce music to young children of 5+, to help them develop their love for music. It can even be used as a stepping stone for traditional instruments: by figuring out which instrument sound they like the most, it can help them decide which musical instrument they want to learn later on. Playing on a Palm and can also improve finger dexterity, which will help when you play guitar or violin, etc.

Expansion Plans

Look into ways to delve into the musical education field; form a team to work on Android UI and AI implementations. Other plans include designing new prototypes to provide more choice for customers, and look for ways to get sponsors.


Last year we completed a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with great results, now it’s time to look at other online platform for inspirations, ads, etc. (Tiktok, Twitter, etc.) We also want to start selling through websites, possibly local shops.