Roadie Coach

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Submitted by:Hassane Slaibi

10 May 2022

Elevator Pitch

Roadie Coach

Coach teaches songs through interactive play, records and stores your play sessions and lets you send Bluetooth MIDI commands DAWs or other audio apps.

Product Description

Roadie Coach

Roadie Coach is the perfect companion on your musical journey. Coach is a music tutor, smart recorder and MIDI controller all in one. The Roadie Coach hardware combined with the app is all you need to learn how to play, track and measure your progress. The Coach solution is built by our team of brilliant engineers, experienced musicians and music teachers to help you achieve your music learning goals faster. Coach will help you learn to play your favorite songs step by step until you can perform the original ones in full. Play and watch your musical skills grow much faster than you thought. Roadie Coach easily attaches to your instrument of choice. You can use it with electric, acoustic and classical guitars as well as ukuleles. You can also train your singing. The built-in mics record everything you play so you can get feedback on your performance. For every play session, the Roadie Coach app gives you critical visual feedback as well as tips and exercises to improve your technique and skills. With simple visuals, a step-by-step approach and the ability to play at different speeds, you'll have a clear path forward to master every song. Is a chord transition giving you trouble? Coach will teach you both chords and tabs. Easily transpose songs so it is more comfortable for you and play along a backing track to make your practice more real. Coach is equipped with an intuitive LED touch interface so you can clearly visualize and control interesting elements of your playing. Two touch sliders on Coach allow on-instrument interaction with audio apps and your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) via MIDI. Effortlessly bring in an effect you are playing with, dial in the volume of the backing track from across the room or just bring down your own levels when you see a clip on Coach’s VU meter. Quickly check your song progress as you play or stack 4 reverbs together with the swipe of a finger. The possibilities are endless. Roadie Coach is also a powerful recorder. You can just attach it to your instrument and anytime you feel inspired to record, just tap the recording button. This way you can save your musical ideas, practice and jam sessions and listen to them again or edit them and mix them the way you like. Coach is equipped with a sleek contact mic and an extremely capable microphone to capture your voice and instrument in their utmost quality. Roadie Coach also uses audio matching algorithms to detect when you have played a particular song and intelligently stores the recording with the others like it.

How It's Innovative

Coach is an especially effective tool because of the hardware/app combination. The hardware makes gathering quality data and recording your progress a breeze. No more echo-filled phone recordings, practice anywhere your heart desires and feel free to sing along. The app ensures you never feel lost on your educational journey. The Coach app makes sure you always have your notes on what to work on next. Easily share your progress, choose new songs to play or dig deep into your practice history. Receive feedback on your playing in minutes rather than days and as we know, rapid insight is key to rapid progression. Coach uses an on-board AI processor to gather and analyze your play history. The feedback you receive is customized to your specific playing journey and will focus on areas that you may need work. Does your rhythm need work? Are you fingering a chord wrong? Does focusing on one skill effect your progress on another? Coach is there to help you improve your weak points and celebrate your achievements. When learning to sing and play at the same time, Coach will carefully listen to both your voice and instrument and give you feedback on each. This is something completely unique to Roadie Coach and only possible because of the two specialized mics on board. The MIDI controller touch surfaces on Coach are attached to the instrument and facing the user, allowing the player to have new levels of control and access to their MIDI world even when on stage and moving around. This has never been done before to our knowledge. You can even use Coach to practice electric guitar silently as a micro amp or plug it into your amp and use it as a high quality contact mic to record your live performances.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Roadie Coach has the ability to empower anyone who wants to learn an instrument to do so without fear of getting lost along the way. 80% of adults desire to play an instrument but for whatever reason do not. 56% of children are in the same situation. They all need a tool that takes the guess work out of music education while ensuring the feedback received is accurate and immediate. If that tool can also record their progress, organize their recordings, control their DAW and assist in practice then perhaps they will take the leap and give music a try. More musicians means a more musical world. This is a global good and what inspires us to work so hard building Roadie Coach

Expansion Plans

We are interested in expanding into music education organizations and schools in order to try and help professional music educators achieve greater levels of insight into their student's progress and experience. We would also like to explore the possibility of Coach as a gaming controller, as it can allow any instrument to be used as an input device for Guitar Hero and other similar games.


We are planning to sell Roadie Coach worldwide starting in Q4 of this year. We have an established dealer network that includes the biggest music retailers in all major markets as well as a host of smaller players. Coach will be the hottest music hardware gift of the 2022 holiday season. Retail price will be $199