RRR: Repurposing ReadyMades for (Re)Habilitation

Categories: Artistic/Visual Project or Installation

Submitted by:Anthony (aka Tony) Brooks

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

RRR: Repurposing ReadyMades for (Re)Habilitation

Transdisciplinary bi-directional informing (from MoMA-to-Wellbeing-to-(re)habilitation) has resulted in creating bespoke adaptable interactive environments playfully motivating empowered creative expression as a supplement to traditional (re)habilitation.

Product Description

RRR: Repurposing ReadyMades for (Re)Habilitation

Arrays of ready-mades that primarily use MIDI communication protocol and gesture recognition technologies are selected to best fit a person’s condition/diagnosed profile, creative preferences, and outcome needs. Sensor/setting set-ups, and mappings reflect designed-for experiences to stimulate engagement, enjoyment, and Flow activity. The same data empowering is archived to inform healthcare professionals. Under a Hermeneutic Action Research synthesis methodology, a Recursive Reflective process is actioned to fine-tune interactive environment designs. An emergent activity model for in-action and on-action aligned to optimizing motivation has resulted alongside numerous publications, and awards. As Paul Klee stated "Art does not represent the visual world, it makes things visible." My art makes human things visible ……

How It's Innovative

The work has been acknowledged as innovative by expert evaluation. It received national and international funding. It received funding from The European Network for Intelligent Information Interfaces (i3net) and subsequently the European Commission under its Information Society Technologies (IST) program. The work was ahead of its time and was a challenge to get accepted until the professional personnel at the institutions, clinics and schools witnessed what was experienced by the persons they cared for or treated. Presentations at the European Brain conference in 1995 led to my six-year residency at the Copenhagen clinic for brain injury rehabilitation. My digital art installations in Denmark from the mid 1990s led to my ‘artist residency’ at CAVI. The research was supported by IBM CRS*, Sony SCEE**, Martin Lights, and others where it was referred to as “an innovative use of technology”. For example, through IBM sponsorship, when resident researcher at the Centre for Recovery of Brain Injury (CRBI), Copenhagen University, I presented my body of work in a conference paper titled “Virtual interactive space (V.I.S.) as a movement capture interface tool giving multimedia feedback for treatment and analysis”, which informs of the gesture recognition to MIDI research up to the turn of the century. This was published by Science Links Japan following my presentation at The International Congress of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) in Yokohama, Japan, – gratis access via link - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/257536829 Selections from my approximate 250 publications are recommended to further judge the innovation, for example "Intelligent Decision-Support in Virtual Reality Healthcare and Rehabilitation" – see https://www.researchgate.net/publication/226715392 and my chapter on the emergence, development, and evolution of my model ZOOM -https://www.taylorfrancis.com/chapters/edit/10.4324/9781003108573-8 (from first being presented in 2005 at Healthcom in Korea to its most recent form as described in this chapter from 2021). Innovation is successfully implementing a new idea and creating value for customers and stakeholders. This work has done that in that an industry start-up resulted from the research along with a commercial product and funded national and international projects. An American businessperson cheated me and I departed the company to enter academia where I also innovated in realising the successful “Medialogy” education. I now look to innovate again to finally realise what the vision is. *CRS - corporate responsibility sponsorship ** SCEE – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Most Inspiring Use Cases

The magic of helping others create and achieve their own magic. A magic that cross-informs and transcends Art and Healthcare.

Expansion Plans

Building upon the first patent family (e.g. US6893407 - Communication method and apparatus), and to expand upon the available compendium of devices that reflect advances in the field of interfaces (especially related to gesture recognition devices – with a predicted Market Size worth $51.3 Billion by 2031*TMR) to flexibly evolving user models where advances in related technologies (sensing [sensors,;IoT; AI/deep learning; automation; analysis; etc.], presenting [VR, 3D, screens, mobiles, etc.], and of course MIDI (including MIDI 2; Midi Polyphonic Expression, etc.,) are able to be adopted to augment and improve the ‘fuzziness’ and optimisation possibilities of the adaptable ‘system’. Beyond the above mentioned ‘advances in related technologies uptake’ my plans for commercialisation and expansion targets supporting collaborations/partnering from interested parties within developed countries such as USA, the United Arab Emirates, etc. Dubai, for example, has documented future visions that are realistic and given the recent track record achievable to help humanity and to achieve certain of its sustainable goals. One of these visions has a focus health tourism. The online information informs how the region has a desire to use its wealth and infrastructure towards human-centred activities where health, art, technology, wellbeing, happiness… is at the forefront. I believe that a future health tourism will include such applied topics. Additionally, education of UAE nationals is also prevalent, and my vision (related to the regional’s visions) is of new vocations where healthcare professionals are educated alongside technical coders towards implementing and improving towards what it can become. I have a vision that includes my work as a gateway for the health tourism sector (not detailed herein) where it acts as a sparring partner for the traditional health care sectors in the region. This gateway entity has been referred to as “Probably the best (re)habilitation complex in the world” and is envisioned to expand and connect from its UAE headquarters to global satellites to establish a secure sharing of participant’s (anonymous) data to advance learning in the field and the implementation and improvements of technologies and techniques to thus advance the field. In 2024 I steer ArtsIT to be hosted in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (this year I have steered the event to be in Brazil – see https://artsit.eai-conferences.org/2023/. I have my contacts in place in UAE to introduce my research and work such that what I envisage can augment the regional’s goals by transcending as inter-/cross-trans-disciplinary realistic and meaningful contributions towards advancement. This is my swan-song project and MIDI is still catalyst as a central communication protocol.


There is a plan that reflects a region's vision for impacting globally in healthcare whereby my research contributes. The expansion below hints at the plan but it will be shared to the right person with funding in place and a similar vision of contribution and impact.