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Submitted by:Thomas Gerbrands

10 May 2022

Elevator Pitch


WIDI Core is the smart (BLE) breakout board that makes premium MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy functionality available for (DIY) developers.

Product Description


This Bluetooth MIDI breakout board can be built into any existing piece of MIDI equipment that features MIDI I/O. Power consumption is ultra low and it works natively with Apple iOS, MacOS, Windows and Android. It can also play both the central and peripheral role to connect to any existing BLE MIDI peripheral, such as Roland AX Edge, Korg MicroKey Air, Roli Seaboard, CME Xkey Air, Jamstik+ Guitar, etc.

How It's Innovative

WIDI is a 100% community-driven wireless MIDI solution that comes from close interaction with real people of all levels. With over 50,000 WIDI units sold worldwide, WIDI Core delivers the source of CME's WIDI Bluetooth MIDI technology to developers of any level, including DIY. WIDI distinguishes itself from any other Bluetooth MIDI technology available through its unique SCA technology. SCA is a collection of highly effective algorithms that optimise the performance of WIDI in any given situation. SCA stands for Dual Role Automation, Automatic Pairing Mode, Smart Hub Functionality, Latency Reduction Optimisation and Range Performance Optimisation. WIth WIDI Core you add the most advanced wireless MIDI technology available to your MIDI project. It is fully MIDI compatible including long SYSEX and MPE and delivers the smallest BLE connection interval that beats any competitive Bluetooth MIDI technology available today. Furthermore, WIDI technology allows you to personalise performance via the free WIDI app (iOS, Android) making it possible to optimise for jitter or latency. With a direct WIDI to WIDI connection, latency can be as low as 3ms. Besides this, you can create Bluetooth MIDI groups via group auto-learn mode. It allows 1-to-4 or 4-to-1 wireless MIDI groups with one (1) WIDI device as its central and up to 4 Bluetooth MIDI devices as peripherals (including other WIDI devices and even macOS). WIDI Core comes with a standard onboard PCB antenna. For those wanting to create something more powerful, WIDI CoreX has an external antenna connector to take your wireless MIDI device to new heights.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

With MIDI 2.0 around the corner, Amenote Protozoa USB MIDI 2.0 Prototyping Tool helps to fast track MIDI 2.0 prototyping. We are happy to see Amenote has included the WIDI Core for wireless MIDI communication over Bluetooth on its motherboard. This means WIDI technology is part of the future of MIDI and that future is hybrid! Besides this, the true evangelists of our products are the Community of MIDI Enthusiasts.

Expansion Plans

WIDI Core is directly available from the CME webstore in small quantities and can be delivered in bulk upon request.


WIDI Core (X) is the last product of the first WIDI range. It provides premium Bluetooth MIDI to any developer. Small developers are now able to integrate advanced wireless MIDI in their next MIDI devices.