Wind Synthesizer R1

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Submitted by:Robkoo Information & Technologies Co., Ltd.

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Wind Synthesizer R1

Cyber-like wind controller from future. Responsive RGB light bars. Perform in 2 weeks. Motion control. Bluetooth connectivity. Delicate App experience.

Product Description

Wind Synthesizer R1

Wind Synthesizer R1 is a MIDI wind instrument from future. For the first time in history, a performer of music could bring light, directly and literally, to every audience vividly. This extra dimension of musical expression responds to your breathe, and glows over 60,000 colors of your choice.

Because of its intuitive panel design, one can easily learn in minutes and gig in 2 weeks. Explore motion control, customizable hotkeys, Bluetooth connectivity, and even onboard sound banks. R1 opens a new gate for both freshers and professionals.

How It's Innovative

Lights that are meaningful and expressive. The most obvious design of R1 is how much of its body is covered in light. There are a number of synthesizers and controllers in the market with a “glowing” feature, which seem attractive but the fun is limited to your desktop.

We believe there is a better way to express yourself, that’s why we managed to equip 2 giant RGB light bars on its slim body. As you play, the light bars reflect the strength of your breathe real time. Combined with its color variations and your physical motions, it is never easier to become a sensation. The lights also give indications when teaching a bunch of students, or directing a band. It has more than one forms. R1 is the only wind controller in the market that can be played both vertically and horizontally, thanks to its versatile design. Remove the original mouthpiece and try out the new horizontal one, you get a cyber flute. It complies with your motion style.

Since R1 was born to aid visuals, we figured that your motions could also spice up your sound. The built-in gyroscope lets you pitch bend, vibrato, and make creative crafts by simply lifting up. Assign whatever control you need, select your threshold level, and deliver a truly cohesive performance.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

It depends on who you are. If you pick it up as an instrument for fun, nothing is better when you want to jam with people around you. Unlike other commonly seen instruments which are bulky or heavy, R1 is just over 0.4kg and is much easier to learn. Thanks to its onboard sound bank, R1 could serve any role within a band, where everyone may use R1! We have a lot of users plugging a tiny speaker for daily use, which is convenient and hassle-free. If you are a performer, R1 gives you another chance to get noticed by your audience. Since the lights are all-color capable, they could easily fit your style. Even if you have no experience with wind instrument, it does not take much time to rehearsal a solo session as your secret weapon. Because it is also a MIDI instrument with Bluetooth connectivity, you have full control over you sounds and visuals.

Expansion Plans

Our team has an ambitious goal: One day, in whatever city you visit, you could find people playing R1 somewhere. To make that happen, we are turning to schools, apart from conventional retail channels. Because R1 blurs the boundary between acoustic instruments and digital gears, schools now have a great replacement for their traditional lessons (e.g. recorder). Those teaching digital music are given a nice tool that delivers outcome quickly. We are already in conversations with musical schools and middle schools around the world. They can’t wait to see their kids shining on stage with R1! Inspiring more people to play MIDI instruments benefits the market in the long term. R1 is able to accomplish this goal because it helps people realize that MIDI is for everyone.


R1 went through a round of pre-sale, for which we kindly prepared the best package we could find, along with a dust bag and a neck strap. Besides some premium versions of its custom-made accessories (which we already did), we believe there is much more value to be added: The goal of Robkoo team is to invite more people into the world of MIDI and digital instruments. R1 is priced at a sweet spot for those who wish to “have a try”. If all its fanciness is still not relatable to outsiders, we are already in conversations with some of the world’s best-known performers. We plan to sample a good amount of instruments in masters’ hands, and release signature versions that come with their original sound libraries. It could happen every year. Other cool add-ons include: more mouthpiece options, premium sound libraries that can be installed into R1, and a dummy-proof course that takes people from absolute beginners to a great performer.

To conclude, R1 itself is a great product, while we still make a lot of efforts to maximize its commercial viability.